Creating the Movement of People

Who We Are

Frontline Nations (FLN) is a Christian mission movement based in Llanelli, South Wales. We were born out of a vision of Nations Trust (NT). Since1997 there have been many groups of young Korean people who had missionary training with NT. The vision of indigenous mission movement that NT had was planted in the heart of those young people.

In 1866 there was a young Welsh man called Robert Jermain Thomas (RJT) who went to Korea to share the Christian faith. During that time Korea (called Chosun dynasty at the time) was a completely closed off from the outside world.

So, when he landed he was killed instantly, however, he brought bibles with him. After his execution people used these bibles as wall paper and they started to read what was written in those pages and through that many people converted to Christianity.

After 1997 many Korean young people came to Wales and they understood the spiritual seed that Robert Jermain Thomas planted in the Korean peninsular was not in vain, but was bearing much fruit. Out of those young people, some were challenged by the story of RJT and decided to become missionaries themselves. Through the commitment of these people FLN was born. We worked as a part of NT for 20 years, with our UK team being established 10 years ago.

Where We Are Based
The training base is in Llanelli, Wales. Llanelli is in South Wales, and as you can see in the map it is about 4 hours from London by car. Wales, like England and Scotland is part of the UK and has a deep Celtic spiritual heritage. Wales is known for the many big or small revivals that took place throughout hundred years. And the 1904 Welsh Revival is still remembered by many Christians as the revival of revivals. The first missionary to Korea, Robert Jermain Thomas, who in 1866 was martyred for giving out Bibles on the shore of the Daedong River, in Korea, when he crossed over the ocean on a ship called the General Sherman was a Welsh missionary. He lived not too far away from the Llanelli. Also, Swansea Bible College, founded by Rees Howells, who was a famous intercessor during the Second World War is about 30 minutes away by car. 
St Elli Training Centre provides facilities for training, administration and accommodation for short-term trainees. 

What This Training Is For
The main purpose of this Wales missions training program is to train long term missionaries. However, among the many people involved in the training program, there are some who, though they had no knowledge about Jesus when they first joined the training, had come to know Jesus as their Lord. The ultimate purpose of this training is for people to hear God's voice and understand His purpose and plan for each individual and to help live according to His plan and purpose. Therefore, many have come, not necessarily for the purpose of becoming a missionary, but still found their ultimate goal and purpose in life. 
The Five Main Subjects in the Training Program 

Listening to God and Meditation

 Learning about how to meditate on the Word of God and interpret it. Every morning the students will meditate on one verse in Bible and share within a meditation group. This will continue throughout the course. The students also will learn how God speaks to them in many different ways in their daily life.

Identity and Obstacles

Learning about the Obstacles that stop us being who we are. The student will learn about cultural, social, and psychological obstacles and how to overcome them. They will also learn about who we truly are in God. FLN teaches students on this subject through lectures and activities.

Teamwork and Leadership

Learning about how to work as a team and how the every individuals find a right role in a team. The students will learn about how to lead a team, communicate team vision with members, and different styles of leaderships. We teach this subject through lectures, games and sometimes outdoor activities.

language and culture

Learning about language acquisition and cultural adaptation. We teach this subject through medium language English. We teach how to begin the Christian work in cross-cultural context, how to choose right cultural form that can transfer Christian faith in different cultures. We teach this subject through lectures, games and general life in the UK.

Mission Perspectives

Learning about the four different perspectives on Christian Mission. Biblical, Cultural, Historical and Strategic which explain the importance of Mission and how to develop it in different cultures and contexts. This subject will be taught through lectures and mission expeditions to different countries

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