KW Electronics

One wet afternoon I decided I would make a collection of radios made in the UK by KW Electronics, so this is where radio collection began. I discovered that there already was an enthusiastic group of KW collectors and joined the KW_Radios group on Yahoo! That group is now KW-Radios on

Link to the excellent KW-radios group on

Index of KW pages


              • KW2000 (2, one early one and a later one in the "G-line" cabinet)
              • KW2000A (2 - they were free!)
              • KW2000B (2 plus 1 spare PSU )
              • KW2000E (2, one missing some valves)
            • VFO-4B Remote VFO
            • KW Atlanta with remote VFO and PSU


              • KW 160 - 160m AM/CW
              • Vespa (2)
              • Vespa Mk2 (I have 3 of these as they were going cheap!)
            • KW204


              • KW77
              • KW201 (one nice one, one a bit the worse for wear)
              • KW202

Linear amplifiers

              • KW600
            • KW1000


              • E-Z Match
              • Antenna switch
              • PEP-meter
              • KW 101 SWR meter
              • KW 103 SWR meter
              • Vox units for KW 2000, KW 204 (may be the same unit?)
              • KW 110 Q-multiplier
              • dc psu for KW2000A-B-E
            • KW 108 Monitorscope (Decca badged)
            • KW160 ATU for 160m

Old radio index


11 Nov 2014