A6 station

I lived in Dubai in the UAE between Jan 2007 and Jan 2015 when we returned to UK

A65BD is now QRT but QSL via G5LP is still OK

Since I moved to Dubai in January 2007 I have been waiting to get a local amateur radio licence. It took until July 2007 to be able to apply due to visa and other issues.

Nothing much happened until January 2009. Now we have the EARS (A62ER) properly constituted and they are taking up the job of issuing licences.

Due to another (never licenced) ham leaving I now have a station ready to go but nothing installed. I live in a small villa with limited antenna space but I do have some ideas how to get the best out of this.

If you are coming to Dubai do get in touch! (scroll to bottom of that page)

In April 2009 I received my new callsign; A65BD. My QSL manager is G5LP, and I am uploading to LOTW as well.

Mostly due to travelling for work I have not been very active.

In February 2010 we moved to as new location in Al Barsha. This is a small villa in its own plot of about 100 by 150 ft. So far I just have a 20/40m dual dipole on the roof.

In July 2010 I completed the installation of my HexBeam, built from the DXEngineering "Mark 2" kit which has the improved feeder arrangement. For 40 and 30m I have paralleled dipoles. 80 and hopefully 160 is under consideration for next winter.

January 2015 - QRT

When we left the Hexx-beam was sold on to Gerald A65CB who is making good use of it

During the activity in A6 I made over 40,000 QSOs, mostly on CW but also on SSB and RTTY. Using only LOTW credits I managed over 1000 points to get on the DXCC Challenge list.

For various reasons I never really got going on 160m and made only a few 100 QSOs on 80m in total.

Logs and QSLs still available from G5LP and all contacts are on LOTW and Clublog

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23 Mar 2015