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About the EcoVredeGaard

The EcoVredeGaard (1 hectares) is located in the east of the Netherlands. It is part of park Lingezegen (1,700 hectares) between Arnhem en Nijmegen.

Food forest

  1. Pluck forest

  2. Nut trees

  3. General food forest

  4. tropical area

Project / experiment garden

5. Project / experiment garden

Traditional orchard

6 Traditional orchard



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The design

Mission EcoVredeGraard

Ecovrede has the intention to show the tools to manage effectively a multifunctional food forest. The “EcoVredeGaard” has the following goals and subjects:

  • Handling poverty in combination with sustainable food production; people and society show the possibilities, examples and the needed healthy and future proof goals

  • Research in effective communication, participation and interaction with nature

  • Development of an unique food forest bio monitoring program

  • A multifunctional education program

How to handle poverty in combination with sustainable food production

  • First we made a framework; People can participate in initiatives or projects

  • EcoVredeGaard offers the space, knowledge and backup to start their own initiatives

  • Initiatives or projects are successful when, among others, people in poverty can participate. This is a necessary step. People in poverty experience a lot of stress each day in how to handle their situation. Transition of our society starts with giving everybody the possibility to participate into new opportunities.

  • People in poverty get support, tools and a healthy perspective

  • Restore nature exhaustion into a ever growing multi biodiversity system in places with a low or even dying biodiversity - deterioration of nature is a form of poverty

Education program

To support people with a less educated background we develop an education program. Based on this program we use a set of master posters with al the essential information about sustainable food production. The illustrations on this posters explain the essential information step by step to the student.

In this program we handle the following subjects:

  • Definition (nature) ecosystem and sustainable food system

  • Four functions of each ecosystem (Supporting -, Provisioning -, Regulating - services’)

  • History of human food supply and implementation of traditional knowledge

  • New innovations like food forest; How to make the right choice on any location

About EcoVrede

Ecovrede Nederland is as an nonprofit initiative from it's founding in 2009 active in the field of food forest, aquaponics, urban agriculture. In 2013 we were one of the first initiatives in Holland with the so called; 'Minimatuinen'. We had national publicity on radio and TV.

In the process of transition of our society in food production, restore our connection with nature and a basic movement into the direction of a more circular economy, biological food, fair trade and more of these their is one critical point. We only can participate as society in new possibilities if we give enough place to the needed. You only are in the mood to make a transition if you have enough to eat. Beside that; enough money.

When the basic needs are for filled people can be asked, helped or advised to change their way of handling, thinking and seeing the world. the reason why we started with the distribution of bread, vegetables, fruit, furniture for free to the needed. We offer them activities, learning- workplace and gardens to get fresh fruit for free and helping in the process of restore natural values, and restoring their own health with fresh food. Most of the time they don't have the money to by specific that. We give them new goals, with a healthy influence and new perspective in their live.

How can we restore our food production in the direction working in harmony with nature?

We help every week a four-hundred people

Basically we are building up a new social structure, work on innovation and related items.

The new economy should be a non profit one with the goals human health and nature as well as central items.

We ask everybody; company, organization, person to participate.

Thank you


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