Crossroads Alumni and Faculty Art Exhibition

A Kaleidoscope of Great Works

Our 50th anniversary logo—designed by Alicia Patel of Golden Design Studio—reimagines the Crossroads X as light reflected through a kaleidoscope. A vivid, ever-changing interplay of art and science, it’s a fitting symbol for Crossroads and for our exhibition, honoring complexity, evolution and innovation. Kaleidoscope literally means “observer of beautiful forms,” derived from the Greek words kalos (beautiful) and eidos (shape).

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences recently held an art show of great works by our alumni and faculty. This site features the paintings, drawings, photography, print, three dimensional, mixed media and advanced technology/digital from the exhibition. Each artist page features their work and biographical information, plus a link to their webpage and social media. Most of the artwork is available for sale should you wish to purchase any from the artist.

Huge gratitude to Chuck Arnoldi, who has graciously loaned us use of his Venice studio. Chuck is a highly regarded American painter, sculptor and printmaker, as well as the parent of two Crossroads alumni, Ryland Arnoldi '06 and Natalie Arnoldi '08 , artists who are featured in this show.

Thanks also to participating artist Fahren Feingold '98 for her guidance in developing this exhibit.

We would also like to thank our curatorial advisory committee, who generously donated their time to make this show possible.

Cassandra Coblentz ’92

Independent Curator

Shingo Francis ’88


Emma Gray, Crossroads Current Parent

Artist, curator, gallerist, Five Car Garage

Pam Posey, Former Crossroads Visual Arts Faculty and Director of Sam Francis Gallery

Artist, curator, instructor