Ukraine in the News

How Does this War End?   Link
Grid News      March 3, 2022

Cincinnati City Council Meeting 
Council passes resolution in support of Kharkiv.   
March 2, 2022
Link          Resolution Document

Proclamation of Support
from the City of Wilmington, Ohio     Link

The New Statesman       March 17, 2022

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

March 15, 2022

The Washington Post     March 3, 2022

Reuters     February 5, 2022

Defend Chernobyl During and Invasion?  Why Bother, Some Ukrainians Ask
New York Times  January 23, 2022

In the Trenches of Ukraine's Forever War
New York Times  
Published Jan. 16, 2022         Updated Jan. 19, 2022
By James Verini        Photographs by Paolo Pellegrin

NATO to Send Ships, Jet Fighters to Eastern Europe Amid Standoff With Russia
The Wall Street Journal  January 24, 2022