Update from Kharkiv - February 27 - 3:36 a.m.

Sunday      February 27, 2022        3:36 a.m.

From NK      

We are hanging in there.  Everything that is happening is not OK at all but we have no choice but to survive.  That's all we do - me and A in the subway.  This night we slept in the carriage of subway with lots of other people.  It is like you are on the train and it is your destination but you shouldn't go home as it is not safe.


A decided to stay home and learn to recognize sounds to match them to the weapon.  We keep in touch, text to each other.  I don't understand how it finishes.  It has been three hellish days and I want it to be over but I don't see how.  What is the resolution?  I see now the whole world is against Putin but it doesn't look that it helps.  These are rhetorical questions and I wish I knew the answers to them.


Thanks for your support, our message.  It is good to get a massage when I get a connection.  We are hanging in there.  It is not getting better. It is very dangerous inKharkiv, shooting in the street.  Our city is getting ready to fight the Russians inside the city.  There still attacking



From VB.         4:36 a.m. 

Hi, Bob,

I saw the yellow and blue on your house. Thank you. It’s been the hardest 36 hours with heavy bombing and shelling and then they tried to penetrate the city. Street fighting was everywhere, now coming to an end. Our troops and civil defense militia are sweeping the few streets where you can still see the horde. Many houses were destroyed, old people, women and children killed. You can see unexploded shells and missiles near kindergartens and schools and on street playgrounds and stadiums. Barbarians. We receive dozens of communications from Russia from distant relatives and people we haven’t seen or heard of for many years. They express their support and solidarity. Many have contributed to the Ukrainian Armed Forces account. They are all ashamed and angry. Many have gone on peace pickets and marches. 


Love to all your family and those who know us,