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The Kharkiv School of Courage Volunteers

It's hard to imagine what life is like in Kharkiv.
Yryna Baryshevska has written how two individuals have been impacted by the war.

Aiuna Morozova survived under the rubble of the Kharkiv regional administration after a rocket attack. Click here to read her story.

Viktor Khrystoiev is a resident of Kharkiv who not only did not leave the city during the bombings, but also began to help the residents of the region, often risking his own life. Click here to read his story.

Winter is Coming!

There will be hardship and uncertainty for Kharkiv.

The recent success of the Ukrainian army in pushing the Russians back toward the border is good news, but the war is far from over. Russian artillery can still strike Kharkiv as witnessed by the attack on the power plant that caused a blackout and disruption of the water supply in our Sister City. The Red Cross is working 24/7 in Kharkiv and in the newly liberated areas to provide all manner of relief to those whose homes were destroyed by artillery attacks or during the Russian occupation.

When Kostia Bashkirov and Tatiana Zima, the Kharkiv Red Cross Leadership Team, visited Cincinnati in August, they identified four things that would be crucial for survival over the next six months.

  • Winter clothing for the people of Kharkiv and for the Red Cross volunteers as they navigate the streets of Kharkiv and the newly liberated territories to bring humanitarian supplies to those so desperately in need.
    Gloves: USD $5 Winter Hats: USD $12 Socks: USD $2
    Shoes: USD $35-$90 Pants: USD $40 Jackets: USD $50-$120

  • An ambulance to transport the sick and injured. A good used one can be obtained in Germany for approximately USD $30K. We are on our way; $5K has been donated.

  • Repairs to Red Cross Vehicles
    Tanks, armored personnel carriers, and Russian artillery have damaged roads in Kharkiv City and the surrounding Oblast beyond any pothole we’ve experienced in the States. Red Cross vehicles driving on these roads are in need of repairs in order to be able to continue to deliver humanitarian supplies.

  • Additional vehicles to evacuate people to safe locations
    There are more senior citizens, women and children that need to be relocated than there are vehicles to transport them. Several large vans will go a long way to providing safe passage.

We did not anticipate that there would be a need to ask again, but conditions on the ground in Kharkiv have changed dramatically. The Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership comes to you again to ask you to contribute what you can do to help our colleagues and friends survive the coming winter. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Every dollar donated to CKSCP will be transferred to the Kharkiv Red Cross to help meet the needs outlined above.

Checks made payable to CKSCP

can be sent to:

Bob Derge, Jr. Online Donations

CKSCP Treasurer Link to PayPal and Credit Card

7090 Michael Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45243

One more favor to ask: Please share this appeal with anyone who may be in a position to help the people in our Sister City.

Your thoughtful consideration of this request to contribute and to spread the word will help the people of Kharkiv make it through the winter. We can't thank you enough.

The Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership Board

Gail Bason Mike Burns Frank Clark Bob Derge, Jr.

Bob Derge, Sr. Jay DeWitt Sasha Etlin Bob Herring

Steve Hirshberg Ann Lampe Guennadi Maslov Susan Neaman TJ White

Learn more about the Red Cross Leadership Team's visit to Cincinnati in August here.

The Kharkiv Red Cross