Order of the Arrow

Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge #491

Hyas Lamonte Chapter (Fremont District)

Order of the Arrow, also referred to as "OA" for short, is the national brotherhood of scouting organization. The program was founded in 1915 and became an officially adopted program of the BSA in 1934. The organizational structure of OA is broken down into Regions, Sections, Lodges and Chapters.

OA is based on the organizations mission statement: To fulfill its purpose as an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults. It pulls scouts into the organization that best exemplify those that live by the Scout Oath and Law and promotes leadership through helping others. The native american words that best describes the virtues of the organization are Wimachtendienk, Wingolaucksik, Witahemui: Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, Service. These are the three "W"s on every OA patch.

The OA is not a secret organization, however it is a right of passage for those scouts that earn the privilege to be part of it. If voted in to become part of the OA by your fellow scouts, the candidates endure an induction before being sworn in as an "Ordeal" level OA member. OA members are requested that what happens during a candidates induction into the program not be spoken of as it takes away from the experience for those that follow. The induction is an experience that is different for every person with that experience possibly swayed by knowledge of the induction. The induction is not hazardous nor is it done in a hazing manner - closely monitored by OA members to ensure safety of its candidates.

After being part of OA, you have the opportunity to forward within the program to "Brotherhood" and final "Vigil" member status.

To be part of the organization, you need to have the following requirements met:

  • Be a registered member of the Boy Scout of America.
  • Have experienced 15 nights of camping while registered with a troop . The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each.
  • Youth must be under the age of 21 and hold the Scouts BSA First Class rank, or higher.
      • Adults (age 21 or older) who meet the camping requirements may be selected following nomination to and approval by the lodge adult selection committee.
  • Youth members shall be elected by the youth members of their unit and approved by the Scoutmaster.

Take your election into the OA from your peers as an honor. Ponder these words "THOSE WHO CHOOSE YOU NEED YOU"

Troop 25 belongs within the

Western region,

Section 1S,

Lodge Lo La’Qam Geela ("The Land of Fire")

Hyas Lamonte Chapter (Fremont District)

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Ordeal / Brotherhood / Vigil

OA is heavily structured in service to the community. Only through helping others do you really understand what it is to be a Scout - usually better understanding the other points of the Scout Oath and Law in providing Cheerful Service. For that reason, the OA is usually heavily involved with flag retirement ceremonies and ceremonial proceedings, gaining discipline and the understanding of what it means to serve.