Troop Fundraising is an important function for every troop. But where does the money go and why participate? That's a good question with a good answer:

    • The Troop committee develops a budget that it revisited annually. Out of that budget the Troop has an overhead cost for such things as camping equipment, adult training expenses, award costs, camping trips, etc. All of these costs can be passed on to the Troops participants, but in order to keep the cost down for everyone, fundraising becomes essential. Some families just can't pay for these costs outright so we strive to make the program affordable for everyone. But that means you must participate...

    • Fund individual scout accounts. Yes, after the Troop meets its bottom line overhead expenses to run Troop functions for the year, the scouts that participate more get more $$ into their personal accounts. The scouts can use these personal funds on any approved scouting cost (campouts, camping equipment, any purchase at the scout store, etc).

    • It's a teaching moment. Work hard for your money and learn to manage your money. A scout is Thrify. It's never too late to learn work ethics and how to finance your participation in the Troop. If you participate, your scout will hopefully be tracking their account and determining how to pay for things.

Troop 25 really has two big fundraisers per year

With a couple optional fundraisers for scouts that wish to earn alittle extra money for the year

Christmas Tree recycling

Wreath Sales

Wreaths Across America (WAA) (optional)

Popcorn (optional)

BSA Troop Fundraiser form ( for BSA leadership)