Wreath Across America

REMEMBER: our fallen U.S. veterans.

HONOR: those who serve.

TEACH: your children the value of freedom.

This is more than a fundraiser, this is an opportunity to teach our scouts and our community about the veterans that have served to protect our nation. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice in battle to be laid to rest locally, while others came home to live the rest of their lives: some permanently changes by their service.

On December 15th, the entire county in unison begins laying wreaths on the grave stone for those veterans that have passed. We celebrate and honor those people. With each wreath place on the grave, we read the name and we salute, giving thanks for their sacrifice.

The scouts that receive wreath donation earn $5 out of the $15 wreath cost, supporting them in the scouting program. But out of the program they are hopefully learning about citizenship, honor, and respect. These are qualities that stick with a person forever.

Wreaths Across America

The best gift ever received comes from an experience at the Wreaths Across America ceremony. The Scouts laid a wreath upon a grave stone of a fallen veteran. The family of that veteran was present and expressed their gratitude for our help keeping his memory alive. The donation went to the wreath that made that one families holiday maybe that much better - knowing that their loss was not in vain but celebrated and thanked.

Each wreath is $15. Checks should be made to "Troop 25".

All payments need to be in by the Troop meeting following Thanksgiving.

WAA TrifoldBrochure.2019.FINAL.pdf

Tri-Fold Brochure - What is Wreaths Across America?

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Donation Receipt - Provide if requested - THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION

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Sponsorship Form

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Scouts - Use this Tally Sheet for Donations received