Leave No Trace

What is scouting with the discussion of Leave No Trace (LNT). In fact, it should be knowledge that every person that uses the outdoors is familiar with and uses as a matter of consideration for nature (plants and animals) and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

The Boy Scout Outdoor Code

The graphic provided is from a 1954 Boy's Life Magazine article to help better show and explain the basic principles of LNT. The Outdoor Code is four (4) easy to remember phases that simplifies LNT:

Be Clean In My Outdoor Manners

Be Careful with Fire

Be Considerate in the Outdoors

Be Conservation Minded.

Forest Service Wilderness Areas

The Forest Service, an agency of the United State Agriculture Department, prides itself in taking care of the public forests around America. Because America's forests are so big and so many, they take care of different forests in different ways.