The information on this page is to help both the youth leadership and the adult leadership succeed.  If you need something and it isn't here, chances are it exists but just hasn't been posted.  Please reach out to the Troop leadership and let us know what you are missing.  If we have it, we'll try to get it up here.

Virtual meetings

Need to do an only virtual meeting, use the Troop's Zoom account!  

Anyone in the Troop doing virtual meetings, please remember that BSA does not allow any meetings to be recorded.  All  guidelines for BSA Cyber Chip  and Youth Protection need to be followed.  Simply put, scout need to be scouts, participating with the scout oath and law in mind, treating everyone with respect.  If there are adults on with scouts, you need to have at least two adults.


Square  Payments

Doing a fundraiser, use the Troop's Square Reader to take payments.

The Troop has a square reader, usually kept by the Troop Treasurer. The Troop uses the Square Reader during fundraiser events or where it make sense.  Before using it, keep in mind that every payment is $10 + 2.6% (check the website to make sure this doesn't change).  Adjust the price of the product accordingly to account for the fees. 

Christmas Trees


Merit Badges

Citizenship in the Community - Link

Traffic Safety - Link

Wilderness Survival - Link

Court of Honor

Court of Honor Template - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - Voice of the Eagle - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - Trail of the Eagle - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - Eagle Charges - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - Eagle Challenges - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - Eagle and Humans - Link

Eagle Court of Honor - The Four Winds (Arrow of the Arrow) - Link


Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST): This is a BSA agenda for training Youth Leadership.  BSA recommends that this training be conducted for all youth entering new leadership positions.  It can be led by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster or a Youth that has participated in the National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).  The Scoutmaster must be present and preside over the training  to ensure all leadership expectations are delivered - this is important as only the Scoutmaster has the ability to approve or deny leadership requirements for rank as directed by the BSA Guide to Advancement.

Welcome Resources

Slide Show -  What  is Scouts? Designed for Webelos entering Troop 25.