Christmas Trees

Fremont District - Troop 25 Fundraiser

2018-19 Christmas Tree pickup

Troop 25 is picking up trees on Sunday, December 30th and again on Saturday, January 5th and Sunday, January 6th.

(Other Troops, in other areas, may also be picking up on Saturday, December 29. Look for fliers and sandwich boards in your area for verification.)

Here are some notes to help us help you in getting your tree:

  • Please have your tree out on the curb by 9:00am. We try to do each route twice during the day, but not necessarily if the weather prohibits it or if we are short in participation for that day. No need to call us for pickup to have your tree picked, but phone numbers are available below if special instructions need to be communicated for pickup or if you are out of the area. Depending on how far out of town you are, we may be able to help.
  • We request that you provide a donation. The scouts are working hard picking up trees all day for two weekends, sometimes in poor weather conditions. It is also costing the adult volunteers wear and tear on their vehicles to bring the community this service. The money you provide may be the only way some of these scouts can participate in the Boy Scout program or get to summer camp. Please help the scouts and help us continue this community service to keep the trees out of the landfill.
      • Troop 25 provides bags with rubber bands before the event, delivered to your area. Place the donation in the bag and hang it off of one of the tree branches or tree trunk where it's noticeable. If you lost the bag, you can use one of your own or otherwise get creative.
      • Make checks out to "BSA Troop 25", or if you are in a different service area (see boundary areas below), make checks payable to that troop.
  • Donation are welcome if you don't have a tree. If you want to support the scouts or the program, we gladly accept donations.
  • There are times the scouts find an ordainment on the tree when we are loading it up. If we find one, we'll bring it to you or leave it at your doorstep.

Troop 25


Door hangers

Christmas Tree Boundaries/Contacts

Troop 18 - SW / NW Bend: 541-385-3977

West of 3rd Street, South of Newport/Greenwood

Troop 25 - NW Bend: 541-385-2692

West of 3rd Street, North of Newport/Greenwood

Troop 23 - NE Bend: 541-385-2672

East of 3rd Street, North of Greenwood/Hwy 20

Troop 60 - SE Bend: 541-385-3942

East of 3rd Street, South of Greenwood/Hwy 20

Troop 27 - Redmond: 541-385-3989

Public Service Announcement for Christmas Tree Recycling 2018-19

Some of the local Boy Scout troops will be collecting and recycling Christmas trees in your community the weekends of December 29th & 30th and January 5th & 6th. We request a donation of $10 but will gladly accept any donation over that amount. 100% of the money raised from the boys' efforts will go directly to the individual Scout troops. Your donation is used to fund local troop activities, community service projects and to replace worn out outdoor gear the scouts used throughout the year. The mission and Boy Scouts is to create leader of tomorrow by building character through outdoor challenges and education.

Some troops will be posting door flyers specifying which days they will be picking up trees in their respective areas. If you live within the City limits of Bend you do not need to call to have your tree picked up buy you may call to listen to the recorded information. The troops will be cruising the area picking up trees staring by 9am.

Please have your tree cleaned of all decorations and place it by the street where it is easily visible to our Scouts and drivers. We will not be checking alleys. Please make your check out to 'Boy Scouts of America' or as specified on the flier you receive, which usually identities the specific troop collecting your tree. Place your donation in a plastic bag and secure it to the tree with a rubber band. If you did not receive a door flier, wish to arrange other payment options, need special assistance with your tree or have general questions; please call and leave a message at the messaging phone number for your area. A special Thank You goes out to CentraTel , which has generously donated this message service for many years. Thank you CentraTel for your support of Boy Scouts of America.

This is a win/win situation for the community and for the local Scout troops! This recycling project provides a service to the community and teaches organizational and team building skills to the Scouts involved at all levels of the project. A big thank you goes out to the communities who have made this event a big success and improved the lives of so many scouts through the Scouting program.

Happy Holidays!!

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