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Bend's First Troop...

Troop 25 was originally Troop 1, chartered with First Presbyterian Church around 1910. The Troop disbanded for a period but started again in the 1990's, rechartering as Troop 9025 (Troop 25). We have been going strong since!

Call of the Eagle

We are proud of all our Eagle Scouts and wish them the best in their continued leadership. May their lives ben shaped by the what they learned and by the "Challenge of the Eagle Scout". This award is the most coveted of award of the Boy Scout of America, and is recognized as an honorary youth award around the world. It symbolizes leadership and a person's ability to achieve excellence.

Michael Hopp, October 2007

Peter Schweitzer, April 2008

Carl Henning, January 2010

Kevin Klett, February 2010

Steven Schweitzer, March 2010

Connor Mansberger, April 2010

Nick Anderson, June 2010

Dylan Wells, July 2011

Neil Schweitzer, Sept 2011

Abe Morgan, September 2012

Darren Contreras, December 2012

Grant Moss, May 2013

Nathan Hilderbrandt, July 2013

Matthew Hines, September 2014

Evan Goetz, December 2014

Nathan Brown, September 2015

Evan Brass, July 2016

Devan Simpkins, August 2016

Nick Gedde, December 2016

Isaac Messinger, January 2017

Jesse Fiskin, September 2017

The Eagle Scout Medalian

Adult Leaders

Without the adults leaders that give of their time and rescources, no volenteer organization could survive. Thank you for your time and dedication for making the futures leaders.


Russ Henning

Gary Moss

Mark Gedde, 2013 - December 2016

Chris Henningsen, December 2016 - present

Committee Chair

Linda Henning (2 years)

Jeff Melville (2 years)

Laura Goetz (1 year)

Eric Simpkins

Norman Rockwell "The Scoutmaster"

Spring 2018 Court of Honor Presentation

Spring 2018 Court of Honor web.mp4

Fall 2018 Court of Honor Presentation

Fall 2018 court of honor.mp4

Winter 2019 Court of Honor Presentation

Winter 2019 court of honor .mp4

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