Troop 25 Bend OR


Troop 25 (9025) is located in Bend, Oregon, and part of Crater Lake Council, Fremont District. Our goal as a troop is based on BSA's mission statement:

"The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law."

​Making for a safe, productive, and fun environment for the scouts and our volunteer adult is a priority: building leadership for tomorrow...​​

Troop 25 meets at the First Presbyterian Church at 230 NE 9th Street every Tuesday night at 7pm.  

We invite you to come and participate with us but encourage you to contact us before hand to ensure we are holding our typical meetings.

Troop Resources


Troop Calendar

Bend LaPine School Calendar

Crater Lake / Fremont District Calendar

Outing Links

Scout Payments / Adult Payments

Pay for campouts online or in person (check, cash or scout account).  Standard campouts are $20 per scout, $20 per adult.  Reimbursement is not provided if cancelation occurs after food is purchased or if District/Council campout fees have been paid. Credit card payments may include additional processing fees.

 Annual  Activity Consent form   /  Shooting Sports Consent  Form

The Troop has one consent/permission form that is completed once a year.  All scouts & adults must have one on file to participate.  Some council/district camps & activities require addition forms which must be provided in addition to the Troop consent form. 

The Shooting Sports consent for must be completed in addition to the annual activity consent form during any shooting sports actives.  The Shooting Sports form is not an annual form and must be completed on every shooting sports activity.  

BSA medical forms

Every participant needs to have a BSA medical form submitted to the Troop.  Medical forms expire 1-year from the date they are signed.  Parts A and B are required for all outings.  Part C, which needs a doctor's visit, is only for events/campouts 72 hours or more. 

Troop Committee & Policy documents

Annual Budget

Troop Handbook - Troops rules and policies.  Please read and understand them.

Safe Guide to Scouting - These are BSA guidelines is put in place to help protect scouts and adults.  These are the guidelines to indicate what can and cannot be done in the program to ensure safety is #1.  

Reimbursement Forms - If you want reimbursement for a scout related expense, submit the completed form and copies of any applicable receipts to the Troop Treasurer. 

Quick Links

First Presbyterian Church - Troop 25's Charter Organization & meeting place.

Scoutbook - Contains the Troop's activity calendars, advancement and roster. Use to RSVP for events.

Boy Scouts of America - Boy Scouts of America official website.

My Scouting - BSA's Dashboard for required video trainings including Youth Protection (YPT), Merit Badge Counseling, Adult Leadership Roles, and Volunteers. All training modules are open to the public, but it is recommended that you create a free BSA registration with our Troop, in order to be associated with Troop 25.    All adult memberships require YPT.

Crater Lake Council - Website containing our council's information.

Fremont District - Website containing our district's information.

Order of the Arrow (OA) - BSA's national honor society of scouts.

Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge #491  - Crater Lake Council's local OA lodge.

National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) - A national organization that exists for Eagle Scouts.

Donations are always appreciated!  At times, some scouts have difficulty paying for monthly campouts, summer camp, or general equipment needs.  The Troop is always in need of equipment (replacement or repair) to make those campouts, award ceremonies, and activities that much more special.    Please consider making a donation to make our program the best it can be!