Brough Family Organization


The Brough Family Organization (BFO) is one of the largest and oldest non-profit ancestral family organizations and surname associations in the world. Since 1918 the BFO has researched and published numerous genealogies and histories on the ancestors and descendants of the Broughs of the British Isles. Today there are thousands of descendants of the Broughs of the British Isles living throughout the world and the BFO has active members in many countries--including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Currently the Brough Family Organization is listed in multiple online sources and many people visit the BFO website every month.

Since 1918 Brough Family Reunions have been held in Utah, USA. In 2005, 2010 and 2015 the BFO held International Brough Reunions in Utah, and in 2008 an International Brough Reunion was held in England. In 2013 a special Brough Reunion was held at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway in western Utah that celebrated Brough family history and Brough Superior Motorcycles (and another similar reunion may be held in late August 2020). In 2002 and 2014 research trips were conducted in England and Scotland by BFO members. The next International Brough Reunion will be held on October 10, 2020 in Kaysville, Utah.

Today the BFO is a member of LDSAFA and annually participates in family history conferences and celebrates World Family History Day. The BFO operates under the direction and support of the non-profit Richard Brough Family Organization (RBFO)--which was named after Richard Brough (1786-1873) of England. Globally the BFO conducts extensive research and specialized extraction projects on the genealogies and histories of many Brough families and their ancestors and descendants on four continents, holds international reunions every five years, supports DNA studies, produces genealogical and historical publications and videos, identifies military memorials, erects historical monuments, preserves ancient family documents, and encourages young people to get involved in family history work.