Sarah Fromhold

I am a Digital Learning Coach with Frisco ISD in north Texas. I work with two elementary schools providing support for teachers and students in the use of technology for learning. Previously, I have taught kindergarten and second grade. I taught deaf education and general education.

I am a born and raised Texan, and my Texas pride runs deep! I am married to Eric, who is a police officer in our city. We have two beautiful girls, Leah and Bethany. Leah is going into 4th grade and Bethany is starting kindergarten this year! We also have a fur baby, Abby. Our house is definitely girl-heavy!

I first joined the #4OCF book study in February 2018 at the request of my principal. I enjoyed listening to and learning from educators from around the country as we discussed going rogue with regard to professional development. When the book study ended, I found myself still listening to Voxer to see what was going on in the professional lives of the educators in the group. I began to add my thoughts and ideas and enjoyed discussing real and relevant issues with them.

I’m not sure when we realized we had moved from just a book study to a true PLN. We evolved so naturally from simply discussing the book to discussing and debating current professional issues. We listen, learn, give advice, ask questions, support, and love each other just as a family would. I look forward to hearing everyone’s voices each day (and when a someone doesn’t post daily, people begin to worry if they are okay), and no one fails to teach me something every time I listen! From lessons in how to be a better educator and better ways to manage behavior, to personal lessons in humility and balance, I could not find a better tribe to be a part of. I am honored and privileged to be a member of the #4OCFpln!

Twitter: @sew1080

Voxer: fromholds


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