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About Me

Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, I crossed the state in the fall of 1999 as I matriculated to Ursinus College to study History and play football. After graduation and a year of coaching college football, I was eager to begin my career in education.

In the the fall of 2004, I was hired by the Bristol Township School District, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, as a teacher and a football coach (eventually becoming a Head Coach). The first 13 years of my career were spent in the Social Studies classroom where I have taught American History, Western Civilizations, Civics & Government, Everyday Law, and AP US History. In the fall of 2016, I became a instructional coach with a focus on the high school level, but I began branching out into elementary classrooms within that first year.

Seeing George Couros speak in January of 2017, completely changed my approach to education and began me on the journey of becoming a connected teacher. Since then I have greatly increased my EDU reading and I'm well on my way to pursuing a position in administration.

You can find me: @coachjoncraig

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"The #4OCFPLN started as a book study but grew into this amazing, insightful, creative group of educators who are eager to share, discuss, and support the other members at all times of the day. It is so fulfilling for me to open my Voxer app and find someone that's willing to share with me about their experiences, offer advice, or simply lend an ear when there's a work-related issue that I want to work my way through. There's virtually no EDU topic that's off limits, nor foreign to at least one other person in this group. "

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