Well-being is complex and can’t be narrowed down to just one thing. In the interest of helping students find what they need for their own personal journies, WBI has compiled a list of resources that might help. To be clear, these resources have been compiled in addition to the school's resources, not instead of them!

We focus here on what we see as the largest sections of student life: personal, academic, and professional.


As much as it surprises some people, lawyers (and law students) are people! As such, we are subject to human feelings have human needs. To address this, WBI has split personal well-being into two sections (mental and physical) and compiled resources for both.

Mental Health

This page has compiled resources focused on ways to improve long-term mental health, short-term help, support groups, and crisis lines. The page contains general resources as well as specific resources for those who identify as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, or as a person with a disability.

Physical Health

Programs to come!


WBI is working to build its own outline bank for all students! Currently, the outlines can be found here, and information about accommodations can be found here.


How-tos to come!