Welcome to the University of Michigan!

Congratulations on your admission to one of the best universities in the world! Being a transfer student at the University of Michigan is a unique experience with its own particular set of rewards and challenges. Being admitted was just the first step; there is still a lot to do in order to ensure a successful transfer transition. That is why the Office of New Student Programs has partnered with the former transfer students in LSA-Student Government's Council Advocating for Transfer Students (CATS) to create these informational newsletters with details about what all new transfer students need to know before arriving on campus.

Your intelligence, hard work, and dedication got you here, but we are here to help with the rest. Think of this as your transfer student insider's guide. We hope you find it useful and can’t wait to see you on campus!

Newsletters are updated for fall and winter terms. Use the navigation above to find articles for your term of admission. Questions? We're here to help. Contact the Office of New Student Programs at onsp@umich.edu or email CATS at askatransferstudent@umich.edu.

Good luck and Go Blue!