Production Calendar

Rules for participation in Creeps 2018

· You must be able to attend the dress rehearsals on Oct. 22nd and 23rd from 4:00-7:30

· When you arrive for your call time on Oct. 22nd, you must go to your designated area to get into costume and warm up.

· Have a seat in the house when you are dressed.

· You may watch the show on the 22nd, but on the 23rd and 24thth you must remain in the balcony until it is time for you to move to your entrance.

· You may not bring friends, siblings, or family members backstage before the performance.

· You must stay until completion of the finale if you wish to participate.

· All guests must purchase a ticket to the production. This means anyone with a soul who plans to enter the auditorium will need to pay $5.00. Arriving early does not earn free admission. We will clear the auditorium of all patrons at 6:00.

· The lobby will not open until 6:20 on Oct. 24th.

· Cast members are not allowed to be in the auditorium or onstage until a stage manager gives them the cue to go there as a group.

· Secure your personal valuables in your locker. There is nobody to watch your things during the performance.

· The stage managers have a great deal of responsibility. Please allow them to do their job and comply when they give you instructions.

· Call time for Oct. 24th is 4:30. Please note that there will be no adult supervision before 4:30

· Checkout after the production includes personal costumes and props. Please make sure you have returned all of these items before you depart on Wednesday night after the show.

· T-Shirts are $15

· Requirements

Drama I -

you will need all black shirt, pants, and socks. If you cannot provide these items let me know and I will find some for you. Please inform me by Oct. 15th so I can find your size.

Anyone wishing to be a zombie in the finale may bring their own costume or choose one from our stock. Do not wait until the 22nd to pick your zombie costume.