Rehearsal Calendar

9-5-17- Run Chapters 1 and 2 Off Book No Line

9-6-17 Graduation Day Fugue-block Bridal Shop-block Stars and Stripes Block

9-7-17 Run Chapter 3- Off Book with Line (I will be in OKC, but there will be a guest for feedback)

9-11-17 Run Chapters 1-3 Off Book Timed Then Block Thanksgiving Fugue

9-12-17 Block Elizabeth and My Baby

9-13-17 Run/work Chapter 4

9-14-17 Long Rehearsal Run/work play

9-18-17 Block setup and Strike-Run/work Chapter One

9-19-17 6:00 Work Chapter Two

9-20-17 Work Chapter Three

9-21-17 Work Chapter Four

9-25-17 Run show full tech. with guest critic

9-26-17 Run Show Full tech with guest critic

9-27-17 Run Show Full TEch with pictures and feedback

9-28-17 Specials