Eagle Theatre Company

Eagle Theatre Company Rules

· Company members must attend all Eagle Theatre productions.

· Company members are expected to positively represent Eagle Theatre at all times. This means if I hear of you acting in a way unbecoming to the department, you will be removed from Company. You may choose to be a part of either lifestyle, but not both.

· Only ETC members are allowed at meetings. Please don’t come to me and ask if your siblings or friends can attend the meetings.

· You must attend the meetings.

· If you get suspended, you are out of company.

· You are required to attend all Eagle Theatre auditions, even if for some reason you cannot participate in the production.

· I expect company members to be prepared for auditions and in-class performances.

· You must dress professionally when you audition and when we see productions off campus. This means you will need a nice pair of black pants or a black skirt (ladies) and black shoes and a nice dress shirt. You will need these items of clothing later in life, so consider this a wardrobe head start. If you do not know how to apply makeup, it’s time to learn.

· You must sign up for company Remind 101 and follow Edison Eagle theatre on FB. That is how I do most communication with company members.

· You are now in a leadership role. I expect you to support each other and set good examples for other students.

· Missing rehearsals is unacceptable. If you miss rehearsal for work or other obligations, you will be re-cast and you could be voted out of company.

· Company members leave last after a production. You need to stay and help strike or clean up. Inform your rides and friends that you may not leave immediately following a performance.

· I expect Company members to comply with the school dress code and all other rules every day. I expect you to treat faculty with respect at all times. Even if you think you are right and they are wrong, be respectful.

· Company members are expected to support other Edison forms of art and athletics. Be positive about all Edison organizations.

· Lead by example. Be on time. Be prepared. Listen during notes. Help others. Don’t talk backstage. Encourage your friends and classmates to audition. Don’t be negative about others people in the play.

· You must attend both Festivus and Backstage Awards

· Company members are responsible for housekeeping in the blackbox theatre and the auditorium. This is not your locker. This is not your closet. Please keep the space clean and neat.