Playwriting and Production


· Develop objectivity in assessing production skills


· Understand and use the principals and techniques of writing a play

· Increase understanding of the relationship between life and theatre art


Playwriting and Production

This course is an introduction to the craft of playwriting and an exploration of the creative art of the playwright. The approach will include analysis of works of significant playwrights and a creative writing curriculum where the student experiences the process of the playwright through exercises and the creation of short plays.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course the student will:

 Be able to discuss dramatic literature in terms of the theatrical way in which plays

are produced;

 Have the ability to identify and analyze the dramatic elements of a play;

 Have read some of the masterworks of playwrights from different styles and


 Have experience in working with the elements of plot, character, idea, language,

music, and spectacle in writing exercises;

 Have the ability to respond sensitively and critically to original works in progress;

 Have a clear understanding of the relationship between the playwright and the

other creative artists working in theatrical collaborations.


You are expected to attend each class meeting. Much of the learning in this course is dependent on in-class discussion, exercises, and feedback from peers. Absences will reduce your participation grade significantly. Arriving to class unprepared will reduce your grade significantly.

Script Binder

You will need to provide a binder to keep all of your scripts, brainstorming, inspirations, and rough drafts.

Individual Playwright Project:

You will prepare a powerpoint about a playwright of the 20th-21st century. This presentation will include research about the playwright’s life and works and the significance of this playwright’s contribution to contemporary drama

Plays and Assignments:

Remember that playwriting, like any art, tends to address emotional and potentially controversial issues. Approach each other’s work and the assignments in this class with an open mind. Feel free to discuss any difficulties with me.

Assignments will cover the following

· Monologues

· Scenes

· Digital Shorts (screen play)

· Ten Minute Play

· One Act Play

  • Quick Writes
  • Collaboarations