WTCS Athletics


Weight Room (google classroom  -  gne6li7 )

Ms. Youssef, Mr. Hibbert, Mr. Espie and Mr. Hoff

Drop-In Volleyball (Friday Mornings)

Mr. Wang

Fall Sports

Varsity Girls' Basketball

Ms. Curtis and Ms. Smith

Cross Country

Mr. McMurtry, and Ms. Pidgeon

Jr. Boys' Volleyball

Mr. Wang

Sr. Boys' Volleyball

Ms. Susnik

Girls' Ultimate

Mr. Brohman and Ms. Nguyen


Mr. Persaud

Jr. and Sr. Football

Mr. Sexsmith, Mr. Jalhan, Mr. Tremblay, Mr. Hoff, Mr. Espie and Mr. Kelly

Winter Sports

Jr. Girls' Volleyball

Mr. Wang

Sr. Girls' Volleyball

Ms. Susnik 

Jr. Boys' Basketball

Ms.  Susnik

Sr. Boys' Basketball

Mr. Zidros and Mr. Kavourinos

Jr. Boys' Hockey

Mr.  Zidros and Mr. Sinclair

Sr. Boys' Hockey

Mr. Brohman and Mr. Jalhan


Ms. Hind-Powell, Ms. Pidgeon and Mr. Mathe


Ms. Susnik 

Spring Sports

To be determined

Excursion Management Application Guide for Parents/Guardians

TDSB Excursion Management Application for Parents.pdf