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Specialist High Skills Majors

Specialist High Skills Major SHSM Engineering Robotics Manufacturing
Ignite passion in young minds; celebrate a world of science and technology.
Specialist High Skills Major SHSM Design Studio CyberARTS Arts and Culture
A CyberARTS program with a focus on Form and Function using Visual Communication
Specialist High Skills Major SHSM Leadership Non-Profit
Designed to turn students into motivational, effective, and resilient leaders.
Specialist High Skills Major SHSM Culinary Arts Hospitality and Tourism
Explore a world of opportunity through the study of food, business, and culture.

General Programs

A strong academic foundation for all students.
STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics STEM
Technological Education
Imagine it, design it, build it.

Facilities Gallery

Western Technical Commercial SchoolLathe Machine Shop ManufacturingProduction Studio Design FIRST Robotics World Championship