Phil Yasskin:

    • Associate Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M

    • Phil runs the Summer Educational Enrichment in Math (SEE-Math) program for gifted middle school students

    • Program Director for the MAA Special Interest Group on Math Circles for Students and Teachers (SIGMAA-MCST)

Guoliang Yu:

    • Powell Chair in Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M

    • Prof. Yu is in charge of the problem-solving sessions in the Math Circle

    • Prof. Yu’s research interests include non-commutative geometry, K-theory of operator algebras, index theory, topology and analysis of manifolds, and geometric group theory

Wencai Liu:

Peyam Tabrizian:

    • Instructional Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M

    • Dr. Peyam is in charge of problem-solving sessions (with Drs. Yu and Liu) in the Math Circle

    • Dr. Peyam has a YouTube channel called Dr Peyam, which has over 100,000 subscribers, where he solves math problems from calculus and beyond.

    • Dr. Tabrizian received his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2016

Former Organizers

Junehyuk Jung (JJ):

    • Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Texas A&M.

    • International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Gold Medalist.

    • Previously served as an instructor of Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program in Korea, and as an instructor of South Korean IMO team for several years.

Joshua Goldstein:

    • Currently 4th year PhD student in the Mathematics Department at Texas A&M.

    • Joshua is the former graduate student organizer for the Math Circle at Texas A&M

    • His research is in computational algebraic geometry (advisor: Dr. Maurice Rojas)