Registration for Volunteers

All volunteers are required to read/do the following:

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. We would like the student volunteers to arrive by 1:30pm, as some children are dropped off earlier than 2:00pm.
  3. Volunteers should assist with setting up the room (putting the tables in blocks of two tables back to back, instead of lecture-style, setting out supplies for the 30-minute activity, sharpen pencils).
  4. They should greet the students when they arrive in the room and get them started on the 30-minute activity.
  5. Volunteers should assist with cleaning up the 30-minute activity and setting up for the next activities.
  6. They should stay in the room to help speakers with distributing materials and help students understand the material.
  7. Volunteers help maintain discipline. Sometimes just standing behind a students and staring at them will get them to stop misbehaving. If a student seriously misbehaves, you can give them a warning and report this warning to one of the organizers: Yasskin, Yu or Jung, and ask Kris to record it on the roll sheet. If a student gets 2 warnings in a month, we will notify the parents. If a student gets 3 warnings in a 2 month period, they will be told not to come for one week.
  8. The beginner group should be escorted to the restrooms (volunteers can wait in the elevator lobby).
  9. Volunteers should help maintain order during pick-up; some of the youngest students try to run away for some reason, so they should be watched closely. Volunteers should help put the room back to normal and pack up supplies.
  10. We would like the volunteers to stay after 4:00pm, but we understand that some may need to leave early to catch a bus. If volunteers would like a ride home, please speak to one of the organizers ahead of time to see if we can arrange transportation.
  11. Volunteers who stay after should make sure each child leaves with their parent or guardian and insure each child turns in their name tag.
  12. The tables and chairs need to be put back to the arrangement they were in before we came. Since this is different for each room, the student workers will have to explain what needs to be done.
  13. Please bring two tables from the hall back into the room when check-out is complete.

Instructions for Background Check and Child Protection Training:

  1. According to Texas law, everyone working with the minors, needs to have a Criminal Background Check and to take the Child Protection Training Online Course. The Background check needs to be done yearly. The Child Protection Training needs to be done once every 2 years.
  2. Volunteers should email Donna Hoffman ( to set up the Background Check. She will send your name to Human Resources and they will contact you to complete the online form for the background check. So watch your inbox and your junk inbox for that email in the next day or so. If you have had a Criminal Background Check for another camp or something else for the University in the last year, you can email Donna that you have already done it and give us the approximate date and activity it was for.
  3. The instructions for taking the Child Protection Training Online Course are at in the section Child Protection Training Online Course Information. If you are a University employee, you will take the training through "TrainTraq". When you complete the training please send a pdf file of your Certificate or your "TrainTraq" transcript to Donna at It takes about 20 minutes.

Email Kris Watkins at or Dr. Yasskin at if you have any questions.