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The Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT's) Office of Process Improvement works to engage everyone, every day at CDOT in improving safety, products and services so that we are more effective, efficient and elegant and to ensure that everyone impacted by change is successful with that change.

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The submission period for the 2023 Innovations challenge is open!

Innovations can be submitted from NOW until the end of June (2023) using the Innovate! Lean Everyday Ideas Submission Form.

About the Office of Process Improvement's Services

At the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we are improving our operations so we can deliver excellent services and products to all of our customers. We are working to engage everyone, every day at CDOT to make government services more effective, efficient and elegant. This is crucial for fulfilling CDOT's Mission:

"To provide the best multi-modal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods, and information"

In addition to this Mission, CDOT strives to follow the SMART Act, which identifies meaningful performance objectives and the strategies to achieve them. The SMART Act, or the State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent Government Act, requires the Executive Branch, the Judicial Brand, and other State government entities to publicly share annual performance goals. These requirements include the implementation of the following: 

The SMART Act, along with CDOT's values of Customer Service and Excellence are the two drivers of innovation and improvement at CDOT.

How We Improve Processes, Products & Services

The Office of Process Improvement (OPI) has three main lines of service:

It is through these 3 lines of service that the OPI works to engage all CDOT'ers to improve their work processes, products and services.  From the Lean Everyday Idea (LEI) Program for smaller front line improvement to the Concept to Project (C2P) Program that works to ensure that larger business improvements are successful and CDOT realizes their intended benefits.  Finally, the OPI's Strategy service area engages others at CDOT to work together to design and execute strategic plans that drive CDOT's performance.