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We regret to inform the community that there has been one COVID-19 related death. We know you will join us in extending our deepest sympathies to the family and friends who lost their loved one. There are 11 new cases, bringing the active total of cases to 50. Twenty individuals have recovered thus far.


Q: What if I have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19?

A: If you think you may have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, please visit the link to review the CDC guidelines. You will find helpful instructions on the steps you should take as well as a link to a COVID-19 symptom self-checker.




On June 30, 2020, the Scurry County Health Unit and the Local Health Authority were notified that two employees of Snyder Oaks Care Center recently tested positive for COVID-19. The virus was believed to be contracted on a trip to South Texas.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Local Health Authority, along with the administration of Snyder Oaks Care Center, is scheduling testing of all residents and staff within the next 24-48 hours.

It is anticipated that all testing will be conducted through Cogdell Memorial Hospital with test reults expected within 24-48 hours after administration of the test.

The positive employees self-quarantined the instant symptoms appeared and will remain in that status for at least 14 days, pending retesting and negative results.

Snyder Oaks Care Center has been and is currently following all recommended CDC policies and procedures.


















In order to provide you with the most accurate information that reflects the current activity of COVID-19 in Scurry County, we are making changes to the reporting grid. This decision was made because there have been and will be multiple tests for individuals. These retests are issued:

  1. To confirm false positive results from the state mandated task force testing of nursing homes and first responders.

  2. To retest individuals with a confirmed positive test to determine if they have recovered, indicating that they no longer test positive for COVID-19.

For example an individual who tests positive will be tested again to determine if they still have an active case. If they continue to test positive, we do not count that result as a second positive case since it is the same individual.

Therefore, we will no longer be including the number of tests conducted, pending tests, or negatives in the daily reports as multiple tests may be performed for the same individual.

We thank you for your understanding and urge you to continue to take steps to protect the health and safety of your family and our community.

Scurry County, hear the latest news first hand. Here is an update from Cogdell Memorial Hospital Lab Director, Bill Dickinson; Dana Hartman, Director of Scurry County Health Unit; Nathan Hines, Fire Marshal; Dan Hicks, Scurry County Judge; and Kathy Goodwin, Chief Nursing Officer for Cogdell Memorial Hospital.


Press release

June 4, 2020

At approximately 8:00 PM last night, Dr. Joel Massey, Medical Director, Public Health Region 2/3 for the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), called the Director of the Scurry County Health Department to discuss possible irregularities in results with testing conducted by the state at Snyder Oaks Care Center that could contain false positive results. (See Dr. Massey’s full written statement below.)

Those false positive results for Covid-19 are believed to have been caused by some issues with an independent lab contracted with the State of Texas. It appears the results from the state mandated testing conducted at Snyder Oaks Care Center were processed at one of those independent labs, resulting in the 39 false positives reported yesterday.

A second round of local tests are being conducted and we are awaiting the results. Dr. Massey suggested conducting two rounds of testing to confirm or refute the state test results and was pleased and complimentary that Scurry County had already implemented the plan, on its own, prior to discussions with State.

In addition, the state testing crews also performed tests on first responders, law enforcement, and jail personnel at the same time as the tests were being conducted at Snyder Oaks. It appears those tests were sent to the same laboratory, resulting in 8 positives as well.

Those individuals have been retested locally and the results were all negative, confirming that those initial positive results were false. Once again, none of the law enforcement, first responders or jail personnel exhibited any signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

The Local Health Authority has expressed complete confidence in the negative test results gleaned from our local testing; therefore, the false positives from the first responders testing will be declared negative and will be included in the negative category in the official Covid-19 tally for Scurry County once the numbers are updated.

The numbers for Snyder Oaks Care Center will remain in the pending category until we get the results from the second round of local testing.

Dan Hicks

Scurry County Judge

Dr. Massey’s press release follows:

Good evening, Scurry County,

In the last 48 hours DSHS has noticed a much higher than expected point prevalence from SARS-CoV-2 testing among a handful of long term care facilities. Specimen collection at these facilities was performed through the combined effort of Emergency Medical Task Force and Texas National Guard. DSHS observed high prevalence results in multiple public health regions, including PHR 2/3.

The Snyder Oaks Care Center was one of the facilities in which DSHS observed a higher than expected prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 test results.

DSHS is currently investigating potential causes for this increase, and suspect a potential cause of false-positives related to one of the contract laboratories where some of these specimens were processed. The investigation is on-going and DSHS will work with all the partners involved to improve the utility of these test results.


Joel Massey, MD, MPH

Medical Director, Public Health Region 2/3

1301 S. Bowen Rd. Ste 200

Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 264-4501 (office)

(817) 264-4506 (fax)


On the order and at the direction of the Local Health Authority, after consultation with the Scurry County Health Department and Cogdell Memorial Hospital, the 39 residents and staff of Snyder Oaks Care Center who were reported as testing positive for Covid-19, in the Statewide testing, were retested yesterday, June 2. The decision to initiate a second round of tests was made after the empirical data appeared to dramatically conflict with the state test results. Typically, with 39 positive results in a senior care facility, one would expect significant illness or exhibition of symptoms, however, there were no reports, or evidence, of symptoms present in those tested; either at the time of the test, 9 days ago, or since. The results of the second round of testing seems to have confirmed the suspicions that there were many false positives in the initial test. An explanation for the large number of false positives is unknown at this time.

The results of the latest testing revealed 0 positive and 39 negative results, which is consistent with the empirical data and lack of symptoms in those tested.

The Local Health Authority has relayed complete confidence in the protocol, administration and results of this second set of tests, which confidence is bolstered by the absence of symptoms and illness at the facility.

Commendations and gratitude are extended to the Cogdell laboratory staff for their tireless work in procuring these results on an expedited timeline, the staff of the Scurry County Health Unit and the Local Health Authority, Dr. Bid Cooper, for their swift recognition that the initial results might be inaccurate and formulating a plan to retest the facility and, to the staff of Snyder Oaks Care Center for their cooperation and professionalism during this stressful event.

To further confirm the second set of tests, another round of testing is underway today with results expected within the next 24-48 hours.

Scurry County Judge

Dan Hicks


On Tuesday morning, June 2nd, the Scurry County Health Department was notified by the Department of State Health Services that, upon mandated testing of nursing homes in Texas by Governor Abbott, 39 positive results were received from Snyder Oaks Care Facility. These positives were composed of both nursing home staff and residents. As of the time of this press release, no actual test results have been received by the Scurry County Health Department, only an initial positive count.

It appears that all or most of the reported positives are asymptomatic. Therefore, at the direction of the Local Heath Authority, and in cooperation with Cogdell Memorial Hospital, a second series of tests have been ordered and will begin this morning, with results expected within 24-48 hours.

Snyder Oaks Care Facility has taken all precautions and proactive measures to ensure the safety of the residents and staff during this testing procedure, including isolation and quarantine of any preliminary positive individual.

Further updates will be provided as information becomes available.

Scurry County, thank you for your patience as we work to provide you the most accurate information possible.

From Scurry County Judge Dan Hicks:

"The multiple potential positives with so many asymptomatics was alarming to myself, the Health Department and our Local Health Authority. It was decided to retest all of the positives and that process began this morning.

While on a call with DSHS this afternoon, I found out that there are many nursing homes throughout Texas who have received multiple potential positives with many of them asymptomatic, so not just Scurry County was affected. DSHS is looking into whether there was possible lab error or any other possibilities as to why so many nursing homes that appeared to have no positive COVID-19 cases potentially have high numbers of positives.

Myself, Scurry County Health Unit, and Scurry County's Local Health Authority do not feel comfortable adding Snyder Oaks numbers to the count until the retesting is complete. At this time, Scurry County will show the numbers for Snyder Oaks as pending until we get the retesting results in the next 24-48 hours.

No additional positive cases were reported today."

Tested: 847

Pending: 126*

Negative: 668

Active Positive: 31**

YTD Positive: 33

Recovered: 2

*Includes nursing home staff/patients

**1 confirmed from another facility


Update for 6/1/2020. Scurry County Judge, Dan Hicks will provide an update on the Scurry County YouTube channel.