SMNW Student Services

Student Services offers guidance and resources in the following areas:

Academics - ACT/ PSAT / SAT, AP, Dual Credit (College Now!), IB, eSchool, Summer School, Oct National Test Day, Tutoring Resources

College Planning - *Senior Checklist*, College Exploration, Common App, Financial Aid (FAFSA), NCAA Requirements, Scholarships      

Careers - High School Internships, Job Shadows, and Post-HS Planning

Mental Health Services

Enrollment - *NEW* Student or Current Student


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SMNW Student Services *Announcements*


Our Mission: Every student will be empowered, supported, and encouraged to embrace learning and challenges with confidence.

We are demanding not demeaning.

We believe all students can learn.

We recognize the value of every student.

Our Vision: To empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a comprehensive program that addresses academic, personal/social, and career goals.  We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence.  School counselors believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts of school, home, and community leading to responsible and productive citizenship in the 21st century.