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PEEP/PEEP+ Reopening Slide Deck - Dec 2020

PEEP/PEEP+ Reopening Information

How to use this site

Please click on the navigation bar found on the side of the website. From there, you will be able to select your child's program. Teachers from each class will add information for how you can work with your child, links to activities, videos, and possibly assignments.

If you need a computer or device to complete/access any of the content found on this site, please see the RESOURCES tab in the navigation bar and select TECHNOLOGY.

Reach out to your current IEP Case Manager if you need any help or have questions.


Feeling overwhelmed? This is a challenging time for sure. We are here to support you to support your child. Do not underestimate the "Power of Parenting"! When parents and caregivers read, sing, or talk to their child, the child's brain is filled with words, sounds, and emotions that help make the brain cells grow stronger. This will have a lifelong effect on his ability to learn language and communicate with others.