Modules, Scenarios and Settings

The following Basic level dungeons were published during the era of the Holmes Set (1977-1981) and have various degrees of connection with the rules.

The Sample Dungeon by J. Eric Holmes, Basic D&D rulebook (1977)
The dungeon below the ruins of the tower of Zenopus in Portown

The Great Stone Skull on Stone Mountain, Basic D&D rulebook (1977)

Dungeon Geomorphs Set One: Basic Dungeons (1976)
Monster & Treasure Assortment Set One: Levels One-Three (1977)
The first three printings of the Basic included these two products instead of a module

The Lichway by Albie Fiore, WHITE DWARF #9 (Oct/Nov 1978)

B1 In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr, TSR (Nov 1978)

Morkendaine Dungeon by Jennell Jaquays (Jan/Feb 1979), DUNGEONEER #9

The Treasure of Barlawn by Ned, Bert and Mollie Plants (Aug 1979), 

B2 Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax, TSR (Dec 1979)

The Halls of Tizun Thane by Albie Fiore, WHITE DWARF #18 (Apr/May 1980)

The Chapel of Silence by Mollie Plants, DRAGON #50 (June 1981)

The Creature of Rhyl by Kevin Knuth, DRAGON #55 (Nov 1981)

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