Holmes Ref - Reference Sheets for Holmes Basic Referees

Single-page sheets for using Holmes Basic in various combinations, perhaps in DIY DM screens. Each link takes you to a single page pdf for viewing/downloading. Also suitable for use with OD&D or other OSR Games.
Holmes Ref Compilations

NewHolmes Ref 2.0 (2017, 9 MB) - 18-page pdf compilation, including Title Page, Character Creation Worksheet, Blank Character Sheet, Advancement Tables, Holmesian Random Names, Backgrounds, Cleric Spells Levels 1-6, M-U Spells Levels 1-3, M-U Spells Levels 4-6, Monster Reference Table, Tips for using the Monster Table, One Hit Point Monsters, Magical Item Reference Table, Lesser Magic Items, Pre-generated First Level Characters, Pre-generated Third Level Characters, Draw and Key Your Own Dungeon Graph Paper, Zenopus Archives Monster Mountain Art. Read more about the compilation here on the blog.

Holmes Ref 1.0 (2016) - 10-page pdf compilation, including Character Creation, Blank Character Sheet (new), Character Advancement (the Holmes + OD&D Bridge Table), Holmesian Random Names, Character Backgrounds, Cleric Spells Level 1-6, M-U Spells Level 1-3, Monsters, Treasure and the Pre-Gen Party Level 1.

Character Creation Reference Sheets

Character Creation Worksheet v1.0 - A single page with step-by-step instructions for creating and recording a character. The sheet can be used as your character sheet or the info can be copied to a new sheet.
Character Creation Worksheet v1.1 - Identical to v1.0, but without line shading. Easier to use with a highlighter. Plus it will use slightly less printer ink.

NewCharacter Record - a new full-page blank character sheet for Holmes Basic characters. Different from the one above in Holmes Ref 1.0. This will eventually be incorporated into an update to Holmes Ref.

Holmesian Random Names v1.0 - single sheet with tables for generating random names with a Holmesian feel. Read more about it here.
Holmesian Random Names v1.1 - line shading added to the tables for improved readability.

Backgrounds for Human Characters - 20 random backgrounds for a Holmes Basic or OD&D human character; see the original blog post for more info on sources.

First Level Pre-gen Party - a pre-generated first level party of seven characters, each of a different class. See also original blog post.

Use for PCs (con games, one-shots, quickstarts, funnels) or for NPCs (rival party, henchmen, rescued prisoners).

Bridge Tables
for expanding Holmes Basic

Holmes Basic + OD&D Reference Sheet v1.0 - single sheet for using Holmes Basic with OD&D.
Covers up to name level for each class, including To Hit, Saving Throws, Character Advancement, Spell #s, Turn Undead and Thieves' Abilities.
Monster Combat and Saving Throws are also included.

Holmes Basic / Cook Expert Reference Sheet v1.0 - single sheet for using Holmes Basic with Cook Expert.
Covers levels 1-6, includes To Hit, Saving Throws, Character Advancement, Spell Numbers, Turn Undead and Thieves' Abilities.

Spell Reference Sheets

Cleric Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-6 - single sheet with brief summaries of all of the first to sixth level Clerical Spells.

Magic-User Spell Reference Sheet Levels 1-3 - single sheet with brief summaries of all of the first to third level M-U Spells.

Third Level Spells v1.0 - Complete Descriptions for the "Book of Third Level Spells"

Monster Reference Sheets

Monster List by HD - Reference Sheet v1.1 - single sheet listing statistics for all 80 monsters in the Monster List, ordered by HD.
econd page has some tips for using the table.

One Hit Point Monsters v1.0 - twenty new monsters with one hit point, for use with single characters, small parties or younger players.

Treasure Reference Sheets

Magic Item Reference Sheet v1.0


NewPortown Rumors - 3-page pdf detailing 20 rumors to be overheard at the Green Dragon Inn in Portown.

Beyond the Door to Monster Mountain - A one-page introductory Adventure for 3-5 character levels

Graph Paper - Single sheets in the style of Draw Your Own Floor Plan

Sheet 4-1 Black - 30 by 40 black squares at 4 squares per inch

Draw and Key Your Own Dungeon - Aid for creating a one-page dungeon. The upper half is 25 x 38 of 5-squares-per-inch (5-1) ash grey graph (prints light for easy inking). The lower half is 20 blank lines for keying the dungeon.

External Links:

One-page expanded Wandering Monster Table by Desert Scribe. Covers dungeon levels 1-9.
Original Version (8/20/11). Revised Version with classed characters on all dungeon levels (9/21/12