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Volunteer List

Here are the awesome people who are planning to volunteer at the 2014 Viaduct Ultra:
  • Vicky Wargo
  • Molly Goldsmith
  • The Albright family
  • Colton Mabis
  • Joey Parente

Volunteer Schedule

Here's where the planned schedule will appear, closer to the race date. Volunteers who arrive before 5:00 AM Saturday should go to the start/finish.  

 Point on Course  Start/Finish  Melrose (drop bags)
 12.5-mile turnaround
 Sat, 5 AM
 Dave (RD)
 Joey, Vicky
 Sat, 8 AM    Dave, Joey
 Sat, 10 AM    Vicky  Dave  
 Sat, 12 PM  Dave  Vicky    
 Sat, 2 PM  Dave  Vicky  Joey  
 Sat, 4 PM  Dave  Vicky  Joey  
 Sat, 6 PM  Dave  Vicky    
 Sat, 8 PM  Dave  Vicky    
 Sat, 10 PM  Dave  Vicky    Joey
 Sat, 12 AM  Dave  Vicky    Joey
 Sun, 2 AM  Dave  Vicky    Joey
 Sun, 4 AM  Dave  Vicky    Joey
 Sun, 6 AM  Dave, Joey  Vicky    
 Sun, 8 AM  Dave  Vicky    
 Sun, 10 AM  Dave  Vicky