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Aid and Drop Bags

We're not charging an entry fee, so runners should expect to be self-sufficient and bring their own food, drinks, gear, and first-aid supplies. Runners and pacers should plan on supplying themselves with a about gallon of fluid for each 25-mile lap.

Runners are also encouraged to bring food, drinks, and other gear to share with other runners and volunteers.

Drop Bags
Two drop bags are allowed: one to leave at the start/finish, and one that we'll drive out onto the course, at the Melrose (7 miles from the start).
Clearly label each bag with this information:
  • Your name
  • Start/finish or Melrose
Barring an emergency that calls volunteers away, we plan to have someone watching the drop bags for the duration of the race.
After you finish your run, you or your crew will need to take a drive to pick up your drop bag. To be kind to your post-race self, leave a map on the dashboard.