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  • 50-mile entrants must have previously completed a footrace of a marathon distance or longer.
  • 100-mile entrants must have completed a footrace of 50K or longer.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old.
Entry Limits
30 runners, each race distance.
Even at our current number of entrants, usually one runner each year sustains an injury. Hosting more runners would increase the probability that we would have to deal with more than one injury at a time, which could be more of a problem for ourselves and for those runners. We are not trained medical people, and so our plan for helping any seriously injured runners is to help them get to the hospital in Susquehanna. Although this is a free event and runners understand that they are to be self-sufficient, we still feel a responsibility to be as available as possible to monitor runners as best we can and help any guests who are in need. Having more volunteers and pacers would greatly encourage us to increase the size of the starting field.

Other Distance Options
Any runner who would like to complete a distance that's not either 50 or 100 miles is invited to volunteer as a pacer. All pacers are able to be listed on the official results page. Additionally, pacers and other volunteers get first dibs on next-year's entrant slots.

Entry Fee
$0.00. That's right, nothing. We like to think of our race one of those priceless experiences at the end of a long list of prior investments.

Those who wish to donate to the other VTU runners should bring some aid-station food or drinks to share.

Race Directors
David Kennedy and Carl Albright

Please check the home page to see if registration is open. If it is, here's how to enter:
Send an email with the following information to viaduct.trail.ultramarathon@gmail.com:
  1. Your name
  2. The race distance you're entering
  3. Your age on race day
  4. Your gender
  5. Your town
  6. A phone number (mobile, if you carry one)
  7. A web link to the results page of your prerequisite event
Registered Runners
Here's a link to the entry listNames on the list are likely to appear during the next weekend following your registration. If a week goes by and you don't see your name, send us another message.

Note: We are not keeping a wait list. When registration fills, we will occasionally open spots as people drop. The best way to get one of these spots is to watch the home page, which will show if we are accepting additional entries.