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Volunteering and Pacing

Reasons to Volunteer
  • To learn about ultrarunning or to give back to the sport
  • To get your name listed in the race results
  • To get early dibs on entering next year's race
  • To fulfill the volunteer requirement that some other ultras have
  • To spend a relaxing day or weekend outdoors
  • To help others fulfill a dream
Volunteer Information
Volunteers can choose a job from among these:
  1. Water-station crewmembers
  2. Course-patrol, by foot or on a mountain bike
  3. Pacers, who go out on foot with runners (especially at night)
Additional notes for pacers:
  • If you'd like to pace but don't know any of the entrants, let us know and we'll probably be able to match you up with someone.
  • Pacers may run, ride a mountain bike, or do a mix both.
Arriving after the Start
Volunteers are welcome to arrive (and leave) whenever they wish and don't have to be at the race for its entire duration. When you arrive to patrol, pace, or crew a water station, please check in with the start/finish table so we can set you up with a helpful job and keep track of who's out on the course.

The Volunteers
Here is our list of volunteers and a plan. To get on this list or to ask any questions, please write to us at viaduct.trail.ultramarathon@gmail.com.