Granite Benches Installed

Post date: Jul 05, 2012 3:34:58 AM

The top picture is from the Sidewalk looking at the benches.

Special thanks go to Brattleboro's Parks Supervisor: Paul Ethier

for working with the Brattleboro Garden Club & StonePost's Bill Jaques

to successfully install the benches.

The Other Bench was purchased from CobbleStone sales for the expansion of the park. It is dedicated to Frankie Gibson, founding member of the Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club. She designed the park expansion and has been a Chairperson since the beginning.

Sunday - July 1, 2012 the Vermont Granite Benches were created and installed by Bill Jaques of In time to be enjoyed by everyone coming to the Living Memorial Park for the Annual 4th of July day long celebration and activities.

One Bench was donated by Jerry Knickerbocker and Family in memory of Ann Knickerbocker - a founding member of the Brattleboro Garden Club who worked long and hard to make the Creamery Bridge Park in W. Brattleboro, Vermont what it is today.

Ann Knickerbocker's Bench donated by her family

Frankie Gibson's Bench

The Granite Benches - compliment the Granite Cobble Stones and

other hardscape features at the Vermont Creamery Covered Bridge Park.