Bird Bath

Post date: Dec 24, 2013 3:37:44 PM

In addition to adding a beautiful hardscape to our Creamery Bridge Park, the birdbath provides protection to erosion in a much needed location. The ground level bird bath is in the area where the Old Park and the New Park Area meet. During Hurricane Irene - the new gravel and topsoil started to erode. The Cobbles held their place but the sand, soil and mulch around each cobble washed away, and a revenue between the Old & New park began to appear. The revenue was covered, and the Bird Bath surrounded the ajuga garden which is surrounded with additional cobblestones.

Dolores was the happiest in Brattleboro - and she loved being in our club. The bird-bath was installed by Abbiatti Monuments in November 2013. Dolores's cobble will be placed around the


A birdbath was donated by Dolores Wollam's daughter & family to honor her life. Dolores was one of our Garden Club Ladies for a number of years until she moved away.

The Brattleboro Garden Club received a wonderful donation of a ground level slate birdbath !!

The Brattleboro Garden Club is extremely grateful for the Love, Kind Thoughts & 2013 Bird Bath Donation by Dolores' daughter. The Garden Club's Cobblestone Chair: JilMac enjoyed working with Dolores Daughter: Leslie Greenberg on this project.