Bill Jacques shows the Granite Benches for the Park

Post date: Apr 17, 2012 5:29:14 AM

Bill Jacques of is crafting the Benches for the Creamery Bridge park. He has created two benches made from Barre, Vermont Granite. We viewed these on 4/9/2012. Pictured here l to r: Bill Jacques, Frankie Gibson & Jerry Knickerbocker.

Jerry is donating one of the benches in his wife Ann's name. She was a founding member of the Brattleboro Garden Club

when they were first designing the Creamery Bridge Park.

The other bench will be in Frankie Gibson's name for all the dedication, vision and work she has done in the park.

I like to think of:

      • Ann as the Creamery Bridge Park's Guardian Angel, and

      • Frankie as the Parks On-Ground Guardian.

Bill gave us a tour of the stones he has, a history of where they came from, and what uses or applications they might be used for in a future project.

However - as you can see from the many shapes, colors & dimensions - you can look at a stone from many angles - and each person will see it - in a slightly different light! It was truly a creative morning!

The installation of the two Barre Granite benches is scheduled for early June, 2012 and will be installed by Bill Jacques.

This date is dependent on schedules, weather, and resources.

Engravings on each bench will be 4x8 inch polished 3/8 inch black granite. These will be embedded and epoxied into the side of the bench.

The Creamery Bridge in the Fall of 2011. Large granite blocks were placed in front of the bridge after the traffic bridge was opened.

These serve two purposes:

1. Preventing cars from using the covered bridge.

2. Seating for the many visitors the Creamery Bridge receives every year.

The Granite Pillars that were originally protecting the Wells Fountain are now Protecting the Creamery Bridge.You can also see the Wells Fountain granite pillar in the left side of this photo. It is one of 4 pillars that Steve Barrett - Brattleboro's Director of Public Works had moved from the Historical Societies storage. They are again being used to protect a Brattleboro, Vermont landmark; Our Creamery Bridge.

The Garden Club looks forward to these beautiful benches are installed. They will compliment the cobbles, large seating blocks & granite pillars that already ornament & provide seating & traffic restriction in our park.

The Granite Pillars that were originally protecting the Wells Fountain are now Protecting the Creamery Bridge.

The two Granite Benches will have:

  • An engraved 8x4 black granite plaque epoxied into the side of the bench.

  • The engravings will face the river. Because of the organic nature of the benches & their legs the engravings will be off centered.

  • Bill Jacques will determine the placement to enhance the look of each bench.

Brattleboro Town Officials to keep informed on what is happening in the park:

Steve Barrett - Director of Public Works:

Carol LoLatte - Recreation & Parks Director:

John Highter - Chief Operator Brattleboro Water Dept.

Paul Ethier - Park Supervisor