Benches Vandalized

Post date: Aug 05, 2012 6:10:39 AM

Bill Jaques of who created and installed the benches will be working closely with Brattleboro's Parks Supervisor: Paul Ethier to determine the best way to place the stones so this cannot happen in the future.

Frankie & JilMac went to the park and took pictures and then filed statements with Brattleboro Police Officer Gagnon. To see a larger version of the Statements, click on them.

On Friday evening 83/2012 or Saturday early morning 8/4/2012 - the Creamery Bridge Park benches were vandalized. Frankie's was tipped over and Ann's rolled over.

Jerry Nickerbocker reported the vandalism to the Brattleboro Police on Saturday afternoon. Jerry's daughter RuthAnn called me - to share the sad news.

There is a Silver Lining to this vandalism ... we need to protect our parks & historical landmarks more.

This was our warning signal - we saw 3 vandalism acts over a weekend in the summer of 2011 with a truck burning, burning of a building and other acts. We know that there is gang activity in Brattleboro - and we can take another step to insure the safety of our children, visitors and volunteers to our Parks & Recreation areas.

I would like to propose a surveillance camera be installed to monitor activity in our park. Similar to the Elliott Street & Flat street camera's. The video is streamed to the internet and can be monitored by police, citizens as well as watched by our Seniors. Frankie & JilMac will work on this project named "Nag Bags".

The Brattleboro Garden Club has significant investments in hard-scaping, landscaping and plantings. These need to be protected as well as our towns Historic Landmark, the Creamery Covered Bridge. The covered bridge is the most visited location in our town.

I will be investigating what our options are. Anyone who would like to discuss this - please contact 802-254-8628