Myrtle Beach, SC

16-19 October 2006

Photo of Ocean Reef Hotel

Are the reunions getting a little better each year? Now how could they after the one in Laughlin last year! But this one seemed so...maybe it's just the good feeling of getting back again with great friends in a fun environment! Or maybe it's the fun of seeing some shipmates once again for the first time in nearly 50-years...I don't know...but I do know this year's reunion in Myrtle Beach was an outstanding success!

True, the winds blew and the rains came, at least for the first couple of days! But the goodies inside, the cookies and cakes, the dips and cheeses, and the beers and mixed drinks more than compensated. Goodness sakes, where did it all come from! Nelda Sims and her sister Janette Morrow, that's who! Ok...so we need to give James Sims credit for the beers and mixed drinks and someone else credit for the nut tray, but these two ladies did a superb job in preparing a nice layout for us!

Photo of James & Nelda Sims

Nelda and James graciously served as this years host and did a wonderful job of making sure the facilities were perfect for our needs and that all planned activities came off without a hitch, despite the weather. The facilities at the Ocean Reef Hotel were excellent, with everyone having an ocean side view. That and the nightly sounds of waves crashing on the beach...What more could we ask for? The breakfast meeting room and food were excellent, in fact as were all the meals, especially the one served at the Country Club before heading out to the Alabama Theater on Tuesday evening. The setting at the club was similar to dining at an old-style mansion. The only flaw, if any, was the breakdown in communication on where we were supposed to catch our bus, not in front of the main entrance where we got off, but at the rear far side of the building where we were directed to go, only to discover when we got there that the bus was sitting back at the main entrance. Hey! It was drizzling out there! But none of us melted!

If attendance is a measure of success this reunion has it hands down. By my tentative count we had sixty-nine present: thirty-six Spanglermates, twenty-eight Spangleretes, and five guest. Wow! The attendance list is available at the bottom of this page.

The welcoming breakfast on Tuesday morning began with an opening prayer from Bobby Price, followed by Pledge Alegence, introductions and an excellent breakfast. The Annual Meeting at the conclusion focused mostly on the schedule 2008 Branson, MO Reunion, with emphasis on difficulties in arranging a reunion facility and getting volunteers to host the reunion including future reunions.

Following the dinner at a Country Club golf course that evening, the group (about 55 of us) took a nice bus ride to the Alabama Theater to take in "One" The Show, performed by acrobatic and theatrical performers. It was excellent, certainly of Las Vegas quality! We saw everything from Country to Rock and Roll, to Gospel and more, but the acrobatic dancing throughout the evening and Grant Turner’s Ricky Mokel were crowd favorites.

The hospatality room at the hotel, while not especially large served our needs well. It didn't seem seem overly crowded given that folks were continually going in and out. One of the two large tables served as a collection point for photo albums, always a focal point for the Spangler crowd.

Photo of bus
Photo of USS North Carolina

Wednesday morning began bright and early with an enjoyable bus trip to Wilmington, NC (again with about 55 of us) to tour the USS North Carolina (BB55) Battleship Memorial. It wouldn't be far fetched to say the group toured every permissible inch of that battleship. And, can you believe it, we discovered (by caution signs only, thank goodness) that allegators exist that far north? None were seen but we were told by maintenance folks that allegators were plentiful during warmer season.

Tthe Silent Auction Wednesday afternoon once again proved a resounding success, better than ever! Two of the major items, amongst many, included the large and small size prints of the painting Merlin Carr did of the USS Spangler and the embossed desk weight of the Spangler provided by Tom and Phyllis Clugston.

The banquet Wednesday evening included several highlights, beginning first with the Bobby Price's opening prayer. Special guests included Marine Gunnery Sergeant Tom Scudder from Camp Lejuene and his attractive wife, Lisa. Sgt. Scudder is

Photo of Sgt. Tom Scudder

the nephew of Manny and Anne Scudder and recently returned from Iraq and the battle of Falusia. He spoke of his pride in the Marine Corps, his sense of duty to the Nation and his love for his fellow marines and sense of responsibility for their welfare. He noted that being part of a special group of marines was probably not much different from what it was for us back in our service days aboard the Spangler and now in our reunion participations. During Manny's introduction of Sgt. Scudder, he encouraged us to read the book "Fallujah With Honor" by Gary Livinston (ISBN 192872406X). Sgt. Scudder is mentioned in it on several occassions.

Other highlights of the evening included certifications of appreciation presented to Bob and Millie Ellis for hosting the 2001 Indianapolis Reunion, to Bill Irwin, Ted Smith (absent) and Bill Hux (to be presented to his family) for their key roles in helping initially established the reunions, to Don McGil for hosting the 2002 Louisville Reunion, to Elana and Dave Norris for hosting the 2003 Laughlin Reunion, to Sue and A. J. Goers for the 2004 St. Louisville Reunion, to Elana and Dave Norris for the 2005 Laughlin Reunion and to Nelda and James Sims for the reunion in Myrtle Beach. Certificates were also presented to King David (Dave Norris) for his leadership and crucial role in searching out and reuniting the Spangler Family and to Sir Chick (Bob Ellis) for the ten-thousand and one things he does to make the reunions a resounding success. A certificate was also presented to Ted Kapala for his work in advertising the Myrtle Beach reunion and one was given to Wayne and Pat Dorough for their establishing and maintaining the Spangler website. The evening concluded with group photographs and some comments and a closing prayer from Issac Davis, a Spangler Plank Owner.

It would be unfair to mother nature not to mention the Fall Scenery along the drive to Myrtle Beach. The two photos below from Del Eng says it all!

Photo of Fall Colors
Photo of Fall Colors

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2006 Attendees

52-55 - Gene & Sally Baum

50-54 - Stan & Jackie Biess

48-50 - Jack Bowden

47-48 - Lee & Betty Boyd

49-52 - Merlin Carr

51-55 - Tom & Phyllis Clugston

43-45 - Issac Davis

Blaine, Frances & Joy Davis

55-58 - Don & Ruth Langdon

52-55 - Don McGill & Ann Woods

46-47 - John & Margaret Moorcroft

43-45 - Kenneth Nolan

52-54 - David & Elana Norris

54-58 - John & Joyce Ortel

47-49 - Tony & Julie Ovalle

54-57 - Wayne & Pat Dorough

46-48 - Alphonse & Edna Perot

49-52 - Bob & Millie Ellis

51-52 - Marvin Imming & Martha Noland

52-55 - Bobby & Sarah Price

54-57 - Phil & Del Eng

56-58 - Bert (Ski) & Vi Pulaski

50-51 - Harvey & Carole Fangman

54-57 - Phil & Del Eng 56-57 - Ed Revei

51-54 - A. J. & Sue Goers

56-57 - Lloyd R. Roberts

54-56 - Henry & Ann Hannah

51-52 - Richard Hitt

56-58 - Greg & Shirley Schurer

52-54 - Bob & Marlene Hunter

57-58 - Manny & Anne Scudder-

Lisa & Sgt. Tom Scudder

53-56 - James & Nelda Sims

43-45 - Bill Irwin & Terry Hanney

56-57 - Ted Kapala

46-47 - Harold & Kitty Stephens

56-58 - Joe & Evelyn Kerwin

52-56 - Kenneth Towne & Jim Christain