USS Spangler DE-696

Sonar Training School Handout

(Source: Compliments of Bob Ellis)

WELCOME ABOARD THE USS SPANGLER (DE-696) The SPANGLER is a DE, a patrol vessel. She is attached to the Fleet Sonar School for instructional purposes. She is part of Escort Division 31 in Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Pacific Fleet.

The SPANGLER has the following ASW equipment installed:

Mk 5 Attack Director-computes "course to steer" and "time to fire."

QHB(a) - Scanning sonar provides bearing information.

OKA-1 -Provides range and range rate information.

QDA -Provides target depth.

Attack Plotter Mk1 Mod 6 -Provides graphic plot of attacking ship, assisting ship,

and submarine.

TRR -Tactical Range Recorder-Used for range and firing when Mk 5 and A/P are

not in operation.

MK 15 Projector -Trainable hedge-hog projector.

19 Depth Charge Pattern -Fourteen side throwers and five stern roll charges.

This is the only vessel presently in commission with the full MK 5 ASW fire control system installed. Maximum speed is about 23 knots. Twin rudders provides turning circle of 350 yards at 15 knots with full rudder of 35 degrees.

Officer students will berth as assigned by the mess treasurer. Meals will be served in the Wardroom from 0630 to 0800, at 1130 or 1215, and at 1730 or 1815. Meal hours may vary considerably depending on the operating schedule. You will be kept informed.

You will be charged for all meals while you are actually on board whether or not they are taken. Cost is 75 cents per day. This plan is standard among the DE's. The officer instructor will collect and pay the mess treasurer. Uniform at sea is optional; the ship's company will wear khakis. Tours of the ship (engine rooms, fire rooms, etc.) are encouraged and will gladly be scheduled. Questions and/or complaints are solicited. Please contact the Executive Officer.

Enlisted students will be berthed as assigned by the Chief Master-At-Arms. Generally you will be assigned to the forward mess hall if your section has 6 men or more. You are expected to follow the plan of the day as posted unless otherwise directed by your instructors or other proper authority. It is expected you will make your own bunks neatly and orderly following motions of the crew in general. Meals will be scheduled on the plan of the day. You will be placed at the head of the mess line and served first when your operating schedule makes it necessary in order to expedite relieving and/or preparing for an event. If you are going to be late for a meal or miss a meal make the fact known to your instructor or OOD so your meal may be saved. Uniform at sea is at the option of the instructor. The crew will wear clean dungarees and white hats. A complete inspection of the ship will be made by each man under the supervision of the CMAA. Special emphasis during inspection will be placed on the engineering spaces with which students are normally less familiar. All students will steer clear of the bridge except when actually operating equipment. The bridge chairs are reserved for the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and the officer instructor only. Students will refrain from loud and unnecessary conversation while on the bridge and will at all times keep the bridge walkway clear.

Dramamine tablets (seasick pills) will be issued on request. Please notify your instructor so he may inform the Executive Officer. It is advised that if you request them it be done as early as possible so they may take effect prior to getting underway or soon thereafter. It is strongly felt by every officer and man aboard that our primary mission is to furnish ASW facilities to students with adequate provision for their "health and comfort." Any recommendations will be appreciated.



Commanding Officer