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10/23/2020 - Welcome to the new web hosting Site... The Google Clasic Sites, used previously for displaying the Spangler website is phasing out in favor of applying what Google now refers to as the "New Google Sites." It definitely offers some advantages, but until I get the hang of things, don't be surprised it you stumble around a bit. Be sure to use the More button to view all of the menu. Enjoy!... Hopefully!

1/16/2019 - Deck Logs for years 1943 thru 1945 are posted on the website for viewing.

1/15/2019 - Oops! Didn't realize till to day that Seatales weren't working right. The menu for selecting a year interval is now working properly. Enjoy!

5/19/2018 - Posted a Remembrance Page for Willis Moody, SO1 (1951-1952). Willis passed away in October 2017 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He served aboard with Bob Ellis, Dave Norris, Bob Hunter, A. J. Goers, Bill Ross and Charles Burger. Thanks Bob for bringing Willis' passing to our attention.

1/14/2018 - Managed to post the Remembrances Pages after all. It's not an ideal approach, but functional until I can come up with something more suitable. The pages are displayed as a grid requiring you to click a page to enlarge it. Click here to view the pages.

12/29/2017- Moved the Spangler website from the previous hosting service to Google Sites. This helps in bringing about a big savings in annual cost, but led to simplifying the website significantly, especially in displaying large groups of photographs. Some pages may take noticeably longer to display. Also, some sections haven't been added yet, reunion photographs, as example.

12/27/2017- Sad to report, I learned the other day that Nelda Sims passed away this past August and that Dorthy Workman passed away last month. Two of the nicest ladies one would ever want to meet.

4/30/2017- Discovered a couple of youtube videos this afternoon you might be in interested in: The first is a video of the Defoe Shipbuilding Yard in Bay City, MI during World War II where the USS Spangler was constructed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr968JAkf0I. The second is on the launching of the USS Currier DE-700, one of the Spangler's sister ships.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdBfuOczXgs Enjoy!

4/21/2017 - A remembrance page has been posted in memory of Aubrey J. (AJ) Goers (SO2) who passed away on Good Friday, April 14, 2017 in St. Louis, Mo. A special thanks is extended to Marlene Hunter and Bob Ellis for bringing the news of AJ's passing to our attention. You can view the remembrance page here.

4/18/2017- Sad to report, our good friend, A. J. (Aubrey J) Goers passed away April 14, 2017 in St. Louis. He was a Sonarman 2nd Class aboard the Spangler and served aboard 1951-1954. A note from Sue letting us know of his passing is posted in the Guestbook. Thank you Sue and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family over the loss of a good friend and wonderful Spangler Mate!

1/5/2017 - A remembrance page has been posted in memory of Jack Going EM3 who passed away July 25, 2016 in Plant City, FL. A special thanks is extended to his daughter, Debbie Solomon, and to our Spangler Mate, Jim Raymond, for their help and use of photographs. You can view it here.

11/13/2015- Corrected several errors in the Photo Gallery section. If any of you click a button on any of the web pages and receive an error, please drop me a note in the guest log.

09/17/2015 - A remembrance page has been posted in memory of Joe Kerwin. You can view it here.

8/12/2015- Joe Kerwin passed away August 10, 2015 in Kankakee, IL. He was 79 and had served aboard the Spangler from 1956 to 1958, achieving the rank of EM3. Joe and Evlyn, his wife, were actively involved in Spangler reunions the past few years and will be sorely missed by all of us that had the good fortune to share laughs and spend time with them.

04/11/2015 - David Norris passed away July 24, 2014 in Freson CA A Remembrance Page is posted in his memory. You can view it here.

04/03/2015 - Bill Irwin passed away July 24, 2014 in Hackensack, N.J., 69-years following his departure as a Chief Machinist Mate from the USS Spangler on October 11, 1945. A Remembrance Page is posted in his memory. You can view it here.

12/11/2014 - Recently added photos from Ken Nolan and Stan Biess to the photo album section of the website.

10/13/2014 - Don Cooper passed away on March 29, 20014. He was a plank owner and absolute delight to visit with at our Spangler Reunions and will will be dearly missed. A Remembrance Page is posted in his memory. You can view it here.

4/18/2014 - Possibly you've seen the Guestbook entry from Brain Putt mentioning that his Grandfather Harold (Sam) Frankhouser served on the USS Spangler in 42 and 43. Brian was wondering if there were any members of the commissioning crew left that he could share stories with. In a seperate email, Brian shares a memory relating to his Grandfather too wonderful not to pass on. He writes, "My Grandfather passed away back in 1992 (Cancer). I miss the stories of his days in the Navy. I remember him telling me of how he went through the Panama Canal and he and his buddies enjoyed a cigar off of the fantail. So when I had the opportunity to go through the Panama Canal, I had a box of Cigars and we sat Topside on our Submarine (USS Alaska SSBN 732 Blue Crew Feb 97) and had one in memory of my Grandfather." Thanks Brian for sharing this with us!

2/12/2014 - Uploaded a Photo Album and Remembrance Page this afternoon in memory of John V. Spears. John served aboard the Spangler as a Fireman 2nd class in 1945and 1946. He passed away this past October. Thanks is expressed to his son, John V. Spears Jr,. for the photos and wonderful write up he submitted in memory of his dad.

9/30//2013 - Uploaded a report with pictures on the 2013 Reunion in Henderson, NV. Since a group picture wasn't taken this time around, a panorama picture of the group was made from photographs taken during the breakfast session and is available on the reunion report. Click the picture to view an enlargement and the names of individuals present.

9/20/2013 - Uploaded a Remembrance Page this afternoon in memory of Ted Kapala. He served aboard the Spangler as a Radarman 2nd class in 1956 and 1957 with the added duties of serving as the ship's postal clerk. He passed away this past December 21st. Great guy! Proud of his naval service and proud of his Polish heritage! To say he'll be missed is an understatement! He was with us at the reunion in Laughlin in 2005, and again in Myrtle Beach in 2006 and Branson in 2008 and was looking forward to being with us this year until cancer took its toll.

9/20/2013-The new "Slideshow" addition to the website, reported on this past May, has been revamped - both for better display and to bring more in line with newer computers, iPads, tablets and netbooks that have touch screen, finger-scrolling capability. Also added is a second group of slideshows displaying "head & shoulder"close ups of individuals from pictures published on the website. This second group is limited to photos of individuals that can be identified by name and is referred to as "Shipmates" because of the grouping into time intervals when the individuals would have known and worked together. The close ups come from reunion pictures, memoirs, photo albums and other photos in general. Both sets of slideshows are accessible from the Spangler's main menu page.

9/16/2013-Fran Quigley sent in an email this morning letting us know that her father, Walter Viscum, passed away on July 7, 2013 at his home in Joliet, Illinois. Fran says he was a plank owner on the USS Spangler serving from 1943 until his discharge in January, 1946, and believes he was either the last or one of the last two WW2 Spangler mates from Illinois. She added that after the war he returned to Joliet where he married and had five children, eleven grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren. Walter is listed on the original crew list (10/31/1943) as a Seaman 2nd Class. Thank you Fran for letting us know.

5/10/2013 - Uploaded a 1948 crew (muster) list. This replaces the photo copy of the list published on the website.

5/4/2013-A new addition has been added to the website -- "Slideshows" of photographs from the photo albums and memoirs sections on the website, comprising over 800 photographs in all. Given the sizable number of photographs available for viewing, the photos are displayed in separate slideshows, grouped by years 1943-1945, 1946-1948, 1949-1952, 1953-1955, 1956-1958, including the ship's 1957 Cruise to WESPAC. The slideshows are accessible from the Spangler's Menu page by selecting one of the year intervals. Please note that your mouse cursor (pointer) must be removed from the viewing screen for a slideshow to begin. Returning your cursor to the screen pauses the slideshow until the cursor is removed. Many of the photographs have title bars at the bottom of the photographs, so your viewing screen may need to be adjusted slightly if the title bars are not visible. Enjoy!

2/16/2013-Joan Styers sent us an email yesterday letting us know the sad news that Polly Baier passed away recently. Polly and James (Jim) Bair, along with their very close friend, Joan, was with us at our Branson reunion in 2008. Jim passed away in January 2010. He served aboard the Spangler from 1955 through 1957, initally in the Quartermaster Gang and later in Gunnery Division. Joan says that Polly and Jim's ashes will be interned at the veterans cemetary in Fayetteville Thank you, Joan, for letting us know.

10/24/2012 - A photo album from Ken Nolan is now available for viewing on the website. Thanks Ken!

10/7/2012 - A report with photos from the Grand Junction, CO Reunion on Oct. 1-3, 2012 is uploaded to the website.

8/14/2012 - A Remembrance page was uploaded this afternoon in memory of Bob Hunt. Click here to view the page. Appreciation for much of the information in the writeup is extended to Lasting Memories published by Palo Alto Online. Bob has been instrumental in the success of our use of silent auctions to raise money for reunion planning and preparation needs. His guidance and oversight of the process along with his broad smile and winning personality will be missed by all.

7/26/2012- Jeannie Kessler's photographs from the San Diego Reunion are uploaded to the website. Thanks Jeannie! We hope to see you in Grand Junction.

7/17/2012- We received an email from Bob Ellis this afternoon letting us know our Spanglermate Bob Hunter died on July 14, 2012 after a long and struggling illnes. Bob and Malene Hunter have been a big part of the Spangler reunions over the years. Bob originated the idea of the Silent Auctions and it's been his enthusiasm and vocal support that have instrumental in helping it become an annual success. He will be especially missed by his shipmates who served with him aboard the Spangler from 1952 to 1954, but also by all of the Spanglermate family as well.

7/4/2012- The Spangler's Crew List has been expanded to include a list of all (or at least most) enlisted men and officers assigned to or transferred from the ship (as identified in the deck logs) during the World War II interval from October 31, 1943 to Dec. 31, 1945 -- a total of about 490 names.

6/24/2102 - "The Western Pacific Cruise of USS LERAY WILSON (DE-414) 1957" -- Excellent reading for those that made the 1957 WESPAC Cruise.

6/23/2012 - Finally! A report on the San Diego Reunion is uploaded to the website. &nbsp If any one has something to add to it please let me know.

6/16/2012 - Added a new photo album to the Spangler's Photo Gallery: "John Preksta's Snapshots (RD2 1943 - 1944)". The photos are provided courtesy of Timothy Stein in memory of his grandfather. Thanks Tim!

3/15/2012 - Added a new webpage to the Spangler website: "How The USS Spangler Got It's Name." It's the presentation Merlin Carr gave at this years reunion in San Diego. It's a facinating story! Thanks Merlin for a wonderful addition to the website.!

1/24/12- Hi, Folks! The Spangler Website is fully uploaded to it's new internet service host provider and available for viewing again. If, for some reason, you open a page and it doesn't look right -- maybe an image missing or something like that -- you might want to refresh your internet browser. In Firefox, that's done by clicking on the circular arrow next to entry box at the top of the page. In Internet Explorer, it's the two blue arrows chasing each other. Again, I need to thank "Andy" Anderson for alerting me that the sight was down in the first place and Bob Ellis for emailing out the new website address to everyone. -- The "really" important news was discovering that Bob is doing much better following his stoke a couple of months back and is back at his computer again! Just can't keep a good guy down! Thank goodness!

10/20/2011 - Uploaded a nice collection of photographs from the 2011 Reunion in San Diego this past August. They were taken by Phyllis & Tom Clugston. Click here or on the date above to view. Thanks Tom & Phyllis!

9/22/2011 - Uploaded a Remembrance Page in memory of Curtis E. Johnson MM3 (1949-1952). Curtis passed away on November 7, 2010 in Sutherlin, Oregon and is buried in Kellog Cemetary in Sutherlin. He was 79. Curtis, as you may recall, published a photo album on the Spangler website of snapshots from his days aboard ship. The remembrance writeup was submitted by his wife Arlene. Thank you Arlene!

4/17/2011 -Andy (Dave) Aderson phoned this evening to let us know that he had tried contacting Keith Hudson this afternoon, but learned from Kieth's wife that Keith passed away from cancer on March 22, 2009. Keith, as many of you may remember, besides being a fun loving shipmate, was one of our cooks, a CS3. Thanks Andy for passing on the information!!