Unusual Pots

This page will feature some of the more unusual pottery made by the Upwey Potters.

Examples such as a puzzle mug, one of Laurence's favourites.
This is based on a medieval pottery trick, used to stop people drinking your ale!
The correct combination of holes have to be blocked up to enable the drink to be sucked
up out of the hollow rim and handle.

Laurence thowing sideways
This is Laurence doing one of his party tricks - throwing a pot sideways.
This was inspired by a YouTube clip of a potter throwing a pot on the hub cap of a 2CV!
However Laurence has since gone one better, using a steam engine flywheel, you can see a video
of that feat at this link.

These are "Costrels", copies of jars with lug handles that were one of the Verwood Potteries staple outputs. They are also known as "Owls", because of the ears!

Replica of Neolithic bowl with maggot decoration
This is one of Bill's thrown bowls, inspired by Neolithic bowls which were round bottomed and decorated with "maggots", using a wound-round rope to create impressions. Bill makes many more replicas of ancient pottery, which can be seen on his website www.beakerfolk.co.uk