Throwing Videos

This page will feature YouTube clips of Throwing.

Bill's YouTube page contains a collection of short videos, find it at :-

Laurence Eastwood's "masterclass" demonstration,

filmed during the Upwey Potters' annual show as part of Dorset Art Weeks 2018

An insight into how Laurence creates some of his wares.

This how the pots Laurence made in that video came out of the wood fuelled kiln

for more information about that firing check out this link.

This is Bill throwing beakers. In the style of the old BBC intermission clip - but without the music.

These are the beakers that were made in that session.

They will be decorated by impressing a comb to produce herringbone patterns.

Then fired in the wood fuelled kiln.

Bill making a Bronze Age style collared urn.

This is Laurence throwing a pot horizontally on the side of a steam engine flywheel!

See more of Laurence's videos on his YouTube at