Raku Firing

The Upwey Potters are famed for their performances of firing using the Raku technique.

This page features an explanation of the techniques and some examples of work produced.

Meanwhile there is more information about Raku on the Upwey Potters' old website at this link.

The Recipes we use for the Raku glazes (following the advice of Bath Potters Supplies) are as follows :-

White Crackle.

67% High Alkaline Frit

25% Standard Borax Frit

4% Tin Oxide (Or Zinc Oxide)

4% Bentonite


As White above plus

5% Copper Carbonate

High Copper Glaze.

80% Soft Borax Frit

10% China Clay

10% Flint

2% Copper Oxide

2% Bentonite

The glazes are mixed up as dry powders and then added to hot water (about 5kg of powder to 5ltrs of water), stirred and left to soak for a few hours and then put through a 80s lawn (seive). After settling take any water off the surface and mix the glaze up, adding back water until the consistancy is correct - about double cream, but the thickness depends on how the glaze is applied, either painted or dipped. Sometimes we add a few ml of Epsom Salts, which helps to keep the glaze fits up in suspension rather than settling out quickly.