Upwey Potters Annual Exhibition

and Open Studio Workshops

27th May - 11th June 2017

Welcome to the Upwey Potters webpage about their activities during their annual show.

Open For Art Cover Image

The 2017 annual show is also part of the local Open For Art event, managed by Artwey CIC - although that runs 20th May to 4th June and the Upwey Potters continue until 11th June.

A variety of traditional & contemporary ceramics, sculpture, functional vessels and decorative pieces.
Talk with the potters about their work, inspiration and methods of production.
Workshops, demonstrations and Raku and Soda kiln firings.

Visit this webpage to find out about workshops.

Upwey Potters Poster 2017

The images below were taken at the start of the exhibition, there are scene setting pictures to start with, then some close-ups below.

Pat March
Hand built stoneware vessels which evoke the colours and forms of the coastal cliffs and beaches. Multi-sectional sculptures are suitable for the garden. 

Pat March's display May 2017

Maggie Cooke

Impressions of the seashore, seedheads & grasses in her bowls, dishes & wallhangings catch the light with the translucent porcelain that she uses.

Maggie Cooke's display May 2017

Fil Cooke

Warm & chunky casseroles, mugs, jugs and other domestic ware, soda glazed & fired in the Old School Yard!

Fil Cooke's display May 2017

Bill Crumbleholme

Thrown wares fuse prehistoric shapes and decorations with modern glazing techniques. Drinking beakers, cooking pots and bowls. Pottery fired in a wood fuelled kiln.

Bill Crumbleholme's Display May 2017

Irene Passmore

Iconic images of beasts, birds and bugs decorate Irene’s tiles and plates. Her torso sculptures use her stone carving skills, finished in attractive bronzed glazes.

Irene Passmore's display May 2017

Laurence Eastwood

Laurence specialises in functional vessels - jugs, teapots and mugs. He has been working at the Leach Pottery in St.Ives, Cornwall, for a couple of years this is his webpage at the Leach Pottery.

Laurence Eastwood's display May 2017

Old School Village Hall, Upwey, Weymouth, DT3 5QE
On B3159 between Weymouth and Martinstown, next to Upwey Wishing Well Café.

Open Every Day 10am to 6pm  or later by arrangement.

Good access with disabled toilet. Car parking in street or Church car park.

Tel: 01305 815216 (when open) : 01305 812030 (Other times)
Email: all@upweypotters.com

The potters are planning various activities to enhance the "visitor experience", as well as just being there to talk about their work.


Workshops are being run - details of what is on offer and easy email booking can be found at this link

The potters will be doing demonstrations most of the time.
Bill will be throwing some pots to replace what the visitors buy!

Kiln Firings.
The Famous Upwey Potters' Soda Kiln will be fired. See Ceramic Review 205 Jan/Feb 2004 for an article on its construction and firing.

The other Famous Upwey Potters' kiln is the portable Raku kiln, featured in Ceramic Review 161. This will be fired during event, there is no charge for just watching!

Bill & Laurence's most recent kiln is "Woden" - a large wood fired kiln that has been built at a secret location just along the road, a virtual visit can be made at this link! This will be fired after the exhibition - filled with pots made during the demonstrations and workshops.

Sales and Commissions.

Most of the items displayed can be taken away immediately upon payment (which can be made using a card via PayPal through this website).

The potters are usually willing to undertake commissions for special pieces.